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We provide fitness & nutrition programs that remove common barriers to exercise through safe and effective training, convenient packages, and an exclusive and comfortable environment at a compelling price. We’re not a box gym. We’re your partner in fitness, because your success is our success!


personal training coralville iowa primal health coachThe WOMANSTRONG Primal Health Coaching program is now on Facebook, where you’ll find news and learn about healthy lifestyle choices.

WOMANSTRONG is a lifestyle coaching program that includes personal training following Primal principles.

Teresa, ACE-CPT

Primal is a lifestyle that can lead to better health and fitness. Primal methods are supported by a growing body of scientific research, anecdotal success, and my own experience. I was obese and ill. I’m now lean and healthy, over 50, and raising two pre-teens. I’ve walked the walk. You can, too.

Pro Tip – How to Stop Postexercise Soreness

primal-personal-training-coralville-iowaWe all grew up with “RICE”: rest, ice, compression, elevation or in some situations, rest, immobilize, cold, elevate. This is for injuries, and soreness from exercise was often viewed in the same light.

So, we were advised to ice it.

Then, we were told ice hinders recovery.

So, we were told to use heat, if we prefer, or to do nothing.

Now, we are told we should not do nothing. The good thing this time is that we have a little science to back it up.

Research recently induced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) through squats and tested soreness, swelling, and strength loss over several days. DOMS begins usually 24-48 hours after strenuous exercise or unique exercise (movements that are new to you).

  • The study found that doing nothing to help the affected area fared the worst, with the largest drop in muscle strength and continued pain for an average of three days.
  • Those who received either immediate heat (heat wraps) or immediate cold (cold packs) on the exercised area had a much smaller drop in strength loss and less pain.
  • Later heat treatment, after 24 hours, had little effect, but later cold treatment helped somewhat.

So there you have it! Ice packs applied for 20 minutes immediately following a hard exercise, and used 24 hours later, will reduce pain and maintain strength for the duration of the DOMS.

Yes, we’ve always had ice packs in the studio 😉

Journal of Strength and Conditioning

Less Risk of Alzheimer’s With Exercise

The more energy you use each week — the more physically active you are — the less your chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

A study looked at 876 adults over age 65 and used MRI scans of their brains before and after activities that ranged from gardening to cycling. Higher levels of brain activity were linked with improvements in brain volume and less risk of Alzheimer’s.

In other words, the more energy used, the bigger the brain.

Researchers believe that simple caloric expenditure, regardless of type or duration of exercise, may both slow the degeneration of neurons and increase the structures important in cognitive functioning.

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

New HIIT Sessions – Fast Fasted Work Outs

I’ve been trying to figure out where to put more HIIT sessions with our packed strength groups schedule. I decided to insert several short sessions in the mornings for the summer.

HIIT is a terrific routine to do in the morning because it’s a good work out to do fasted. You’ll get extra fat burning from it when you haven’t eaten beforehand because after hours without food (say, overnight) your body is already relying on fat and ketones for fuel since your glycogen is used up. Start HIIT and that need for fat-as-fuel increases. On the other hand, I don’t recommend strength training fasted, and our intrepid morning lifters are up early enough to eat. Really!

If you’ve been to our HIIT sessions you know they’re simple and intense and short. You’ll get in, set up benches or dumbbells or sometimes it will be all body weight. Routines include exercises like push ups, burpees, squats, thrusters, rows. We start the clock and work out together. You’ll leave sweaty and energized for your day!

Join us for 20 minutes in the AM!

GVT Summer – Week 1

Our Rogue infinity shorty rack and new folding infinity rack with dip attachment shown

Our first week of German Volume Training has been fantastic!

To get it ready for our intrepid lifters, we have a new rack in the studio and a few more pieces of equipment on the way from Rogue. I’m very excited about the trap bar! Can’t wait to put our lifters into that specialized deadlift bar and see what they can do.

GVT is challenging. When you’ve been used to strength training with a 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps of a substantial weight), it’s a kick in the pants to body-build using lighter weight and more reps in a 10×10 (10 sets of 10 reps of your 60% max).

Sure, it seems easy those first few sets. By set 6, muscles are screaming.

We have our 10×10 split like this:

  • chest/back – bench press/back row, finish hour with pull up progressions
  • legs/abs – trap bar deadlift or back squat/roll outs, finish hour with L-sit progressions
  • shoulder/arm – military press/bicep curls, finish hour with tricep burnouts

Running clients through the fitness and body assessments was finished last week. We maxxed them on exercises and determined from what we saw that only two would do the back squat. The back squat is a tough technical movement, likely the best for leg growth but requiring good flexibility. It won’t surprise you to learn the two I passed are our youngsters in their 20s. The rest of us old fogies are doing deadlifts.


Muscle Makes You Smaller: Why Women Need Strength Training

pauline-nordin-coralville personal training
Forget your worries about “bulking up” ladies. Pauline Nordin. Built like a beast. Weighs only 115 pounds.

When you compare the same amount of weight in muscle and in fat, muscle is 22% smaller. That is, if you’re fat and you build muscle without losing a pound, you will still be 22% smaller.

Despite website-after-website busting the myth of women “bulking up” from lifting, I still talk to women worrying they’ll get “big.” They’re already big…from fat. Strength training will make them smaller even if they don’t lose a pound.

Gaining size from engaging in body-building (i.e. high volume) work outs will only happen if you increase your carbs, and significant size will only happen if you have considerable (i.e. males or supplemental) testosterone.

Damn, but I wish I COULD pack on the size! I’m tiny, reminded of it more every day as I’ve dropped weight and gained strength through keto and strength training. This summer, I’m engaging in a 12-week body-building program — German Volume Training — and encouraging clients to join me. I’m hoping to get bigger shoulders and chest, but more likely, I’ll simply get even smaller.

The photograph posted above is Pauline Nordin, a woman I’ve idolized for years. She’s tough, no-nonsense, and strong. Look at those muscles! And she’s only 115 pounds. What does she do to get that way? All those traditional heavy lifts: deadlifts, squats, bench press — and she challenges herself regularly to INCREASE THE WEIGHT.

About Pauline: is the creator of the fat loss system Fighter Diet. Pauline was a coach for the Nordic version of “The Biggest Loser,” where she led her team to victory. She is also the star/creator of “The Butt Bible” by NBC/Universal, a workout video that will beat any backside into shape.

Primal Lifestyle Coaching Now Available

WOMANSTRONG-FLORAL-TEE-SLEEVETeresa created WOMANSTRONG, a program to guide you to change your life…for good. WOMANSTRONG is not a “diet,” “reboot,” or “fix.” It is a lifestyle. You’ll learn and practice better exercise and nutrition based on Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint and other Primal lifestyle principles.

WOMANSTRONG is for you if you would like to pursue a low-carbohydrate high-fat way of eating (LCHF, Paleo, Primal, Keto, or Carnivore) with coaching and/or personal training sessions focused on evolving into a leaner, stronger, more energetic woman.

Call/text Teresa for more information or to set up a free consultation.

The WOMANSTRONG Philosophy


The philosophy of WOMANSTRONG is Teresa’s philosophy:

Your Health is More Important Than Your Family’s Comfort: No matter what age or how many children you have, you do not need to keep junk food in your house. Ever. Your family does not need to join your lifestyle, but they must support it by keeping YOUR trigger foods — whatever it is — out of your cupboards and refrigerator. If you aren’t triggered by the food they want, then let your kitchen overflow with them. However, anything you don’t want to eat but you do eat, must go. Period. Do not set up circumstances for sabotage. Your spouse can eat junk at work and take your kids out for a treat after a good dinner. This is nonnegotiable.

Good-Better-Best: Avoid the bad, do the good, work toward the best, and never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Good=whole OR local OR organic OR pastured. Best=Whole AND local AND organic AND pastured.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Change takes time. Breaking old, and creating new, habits takes time. Leave mistakes behind and live in the moment. Each moment offers a chance to make a better decision.

Head Down, Plowing Forward: It likely took you years of a consistent lifestyle to get fat; it will take you years of a consistent lifestyle to get lean. However, you will see improvement in health markers and energy quickly.

Never Go Hungry: Hunger is not just uncomfortable and self-defeating; it’s unhealthy. It causes a rise in stress hormones that lead to weight gain and inflammation. If you’re hungry, eat, but eat food. Meat makes a great dessert. Keep beef sticks and nuts with you at all times to avoid a snack attack. If you ever think drive-through or a vending machine is a good idea, you are not eating the right food at your meals.

Trust Your Body Not Your Brain: The stuff you’re probably calling “food” is responding to your brain’s pleasure center not addressing your hunger center. Whatever it is, however healthy you think of it, if a food doesn’t make you full for a few hours after you eat it, it is a drug to you, not a food. Remove it from your diet. This will often include fruits and dairy for people not feeling or seeing the results they expect.



WOMANSTRONG-FLORAL-TEE-SLEEVEpersonal-training-for-primal-women-coralville-iowaAs a TRAINING CLIENT, you will work out both 1-1 and in small groups at the Studio. You’ll receive lifestyle coaching, where we track food and discuss the Primal philosophy. We will communicate in person, online, or through voice/text. You will be required to track your food intake (only general amounts and ingredients required) and deliver written copies each day through email. You will be required to sign a food & activity pledge that we will revisit monthly. You’ll receive Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint book, a month’s worth of Primal Fuel, Primal “Cheat Sheet” Brochure, and WOMANSTRONG swag.

As a LIFESTYLE CLIENT, you will work out at home. You’ll receive lifestyle coaching, where we track food and discuss the Primal philosophy. We will communicate in person, online, or through voice/text. You will be required to track your food intake (only general amounts and ingredients required) and deliver written copies each day through email. You will be required to sign a food & activity pledge that we will revisit monthly. You’ll receive Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint book, Primal “Cheat Sheet” Brochure, home work outs created especially for your abilities and for the equipment you have, and WOMANSTRONG swag.

Call/text Teresa for more information or to set up a free consultation.


Join on the Prices & Schedules Page

Why Carbohydrates Are A Drug Not a Food

No_carbsOne of the best things I’ve read/seen on carbohydrate addiction came from a man who is a bariatric surgeon, Dr Robert Cywes ( He’s not famous. Hasn’t written anything. But he has done over 5500 bariatric surgeries, including children, and gave a talk at the LCHF Convention in South Africa in February 2016. His talk is behind a paywall — which I highly recommend paying for. Here are the takeaways:

  • Addiction occurs when a harm is ignored.
  • No addiction is treated through reduction.
  • Protein, fat, water, micronutrients, all the things our bodies need from a nutritional perspective have no endorphin realising capacity but carbohydrates and all sugars and starches, no matter what form they take when the go in this hole (points to mouth) they all get us high.
  • It’s impossible to get fat from eating fat and protein unless you put a tube down your nose and pour it in all the time because homeostatically, no matter how much fat and protein you try to eat your body will shut you down when you have had enough. But carbohydrates are not controlled because they activate the endorphin center not the hunger center, and therefore you can eat endless amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Obesity is not a weight problem. Obesity is not a calorie problem. Obesity is not a lack of physical activity problem. Diet and exercise programs only work very transiently. Obesity is a substance abuse problem.
  • Seventy to ninety percent of the total calories consumed by an obese person are in the form, in some form of, carbohydrate; seventy to ninety percent, remember we need zero. So, when you are eating that degree of carbohydrate not only are you getting too much carbohydrate but you are also missing out all the other stuff so guess what that’s called? Malnutrition. No fat person is healthy. At minimum they are malnourished.
  • 40% of the population is vulnerable to addiction. 100 years ago they were addicted to alcohol. Prohibition and ostracism and education reduced that. 60 years ago they were addicted to cigarettes. Ostracism and removal of convenience and cost have reduced that. Now they are addicted to carbohydrates. Smokers started at 12, but carb addicts now start at 4 years old.
  • You eat once or twice a day for hunger – but when you are dealing with endorphins, that endorphin system needs to be activated twenty to thirty times a day, so the average fat person puts stuff in their face twenty to thirty times a day — a piece of candy, a sip of soda, it all adds up to a high frequency.
  • We have to treat obese people from an addiction perspective where you don’t have access, so when you are having a vulnerable moment you do not have ready access to your drug of choice,
  • There is vested financial interest in keeping carbs easy and cheap, so this is why they talk about reduction, control, portion, and calories rather than complete removal.

You can read excerpts at my Ketoholic Blog.

Visit the LCHF Convention Site for excellent talks from the world’s experts. Most of it is behind a paywall, and I can tell you it is worth the price.

Summer Prep – Assessments, Body Measures, Max Lifts

gvt-coralville-iowa-personal-trainingSaturday, May 21, 2016 10am-12
May 28, 2016 10am-12

The next two Saturdays, May 21st and May 28th, we’ll be having fitness assessments, determining maximum lifts, and measuring girths for New Moon clients.

gvt-coralville-iowa-personal-trainingIf you’re a personal training or group client and would like any of the following assessments, drop into the studio between 10am – 12pm either day. When doing max lifts, we’ll split them across both weekends or during your regular personal training session.

  • 3-Minute Step test
  • Push Up Test
  • Sit Up Test
  • Sit & Reach (flexibility)
  • Girths of – Chest, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Upper Arm, Neck
  • 5-Rep Max of – Bench Press, Deadlift, Back Squat, Bent Row

Maximum lifts for German Volume Training clients is required before you can start this program in June.

Please text ahead to Teresa if you’re coming either day 319-325-4000.


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