bigstock-Woman-with-her-personal-fitnes-41022586So you have finally gotten your kids off to school for the year.You feel pretty good that you’ve provided them with good classes and a variety of activities, right?

My daugther is in 6th grade at a public school, and my 5th grade son is homeschooling with me, so you can imagine the time devoted to both shuttling with before-and-after school activities (safety patrol, soccer, piano, chess club) AND developing curriculum daily (language arts, math, science, foreign language, PE). Along with work, friends, and home, what’s left in the tank or on the clock for my HEALTH?

Don’t be like that!

Don’t put your eating or your physical activities last! If you can’t plan them daily (like me), set aside 2 hours on Sunday evening or devote that hour while you’re at your daughter’s piano lesson to plan your week. Think about what you’re going to eat each day and where you can stick 30-60 minutes three times a week to exercise. Plan when you can get to the store and gym or when you can pop that DVD in at home.

There is literally a workout for EVERYONE no matter your exercise interest, amount of available time, or your physical ability. Start somewhere. Just start.

Fitness begins with strength training

Yes, you read that right. Here at NMF we won’t put you on a cardio machine. Cardio/aerobics work using bikes, treadmills, and running is supplementary. You must strength train for weight loss and health, especially as you age. Strength training IS cardio training. You cannot say the reverse. We say this especially to women.

We’re enrolling personal training clients seeking to get a safe push-start in a private studio setting. We also have small groups for those who may like the camaraderie and convenient pricing.

Your kids are exercising every day at recess and gym class. Why aren’t you?

Here’ are some routines you can do at home

Try these routines on the same day each week and see how you progress. Do the prescribed number of reps in each exercise in the routine and start over again until the time or the number of sets is complete. No breaks except as needed. If you stop, rest briefly and continue. Do quickly but with good form. Record your time. Do each routine on the same day the following week. Keep to these for a month and see how your time and comfort progress. If you find these aren’t challenging enough, double the sets and progress the exercise (a harder burpee or a harder sit up or a squat with weight).

If you’re unfamiliar with any technique, contact us or search the exercise library at ACE Fitness.


4 sets for time:
5 squats
10 push ups (toes or knees)
15 butterfly sit ups


5 sets for time:
3 burpees (choose your version of burpee) or 10 mountain climbers
10 squats


1 set for time
80 butterfly sit ups


For 7 min do as many reps as possible:
7 squats
7 butterfly sit ups


5 sets for time:
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 squats

Our fitness philosophy is that we want you to change your lifestyle, not just add an hour of exercise. That means 3 or more workouts/week. That’s what will change your life.

Groups are a good way to do that with the help of the camaraderie and lower cost. Unlike personal training, Shannon and Teresa also participate to some extent in these workouts with you — both for their own fitness and to help motivate you. We sweat right along with you! (And Teresa complains a lot.)

All groups are free to clients. If you would like to join us but are not a current client, see our Prices & Schedules Page.


Body By Shannon is on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 6:30pm. She’s focusing on Beachbody workouts, providing lots of variety and different intensities with things like P90X3. She takes requests, so if there’s a program you’re interested in or if there is a particular goal you have, ask her!


  1. HIIT (30 minutes high intensity interval training) – Sunday 3pm
  2. Run Club (30-45 minutes Run/Walk at local park) – Sundays 11am
  3. Strength Squad (45-60 minute WOD-style workout) – Wednesdays 5pm
  4. Body Beast (45-60 minutes Body Builidng Split Routine) — Daily and Saturdays 11am

10-minute-trainer-personal-training-coralvilleSummer’s here and we’ve expanded our membership privileges.

In addition to your weekly 1-on-1, small group drop-ins, assessments, and food journaling, members may use the Studio for “DIY” workouts. “Do It Yourself” with your favorite DVD or try something new from our library with the convenience of a complete gym. A friend can join you, even if they are not a member.

This addition is part of our goal of providing convenient workout opportunities for your healthy lifestyle.

For our complete membership information, see our Prices & Schedules Page or call Teresa 319-325-4000.

Times are going! We have only six 10-minute spots left, between 10-12noon this Saturday. Benchmark your fitness now for your future. This is the most convenient and least expensive opportunity you’ll have to get your body composition and antioxidant readings. You can use the web link below and pay through paypal or call/text Teresa 319-325-4000 


We’re having a health fair! Spots are limited to 20 people. You must reserve and prepay. PRINT THE FLYER

WHAT: A Health Fair. Discover how fit and healthy you are and what you can do to maintain or improve your fitness. You’ll get two readings: 1) Body Composition Analysis, which measures lean muscle, fat, and hydration levels. 2) Skin Carotenoid Score, which measures your antioxidant levels.
WHERE: New Moon Fitness Studio 1749 Parkway Dr Coralville IA
WHEN: July 19th, 2014 (Saturday) 9am-12pm. 10-minute time slot reservations required. You can sign up online.
WHY: Being healthy and fit isn’t just about the scale. It’s about body fat and lean muscle ratio and about how well you eat and hold onto antioxidants. You’ll find out how you’re doing and how you can maintain or improve your levels. Measurements and explanations take 10-15 minutes. You’ll have charts & other goodies to take home.
COST: $40. Pre-payment is required.



SCORE-BODY-COMPOSITION-LOGOTwo people who weigh the same can have a very different body composition — that is, have a very different amount of muscle and fat. Muscle is the major driver of your metabolic rate and important for weight management, but most people who lose weight will lose both muscle and fat. That makes it harder to lose weight and easier to regain it. Muscle decreases as you get older, so even though your weight is steady, you may actually have more fat. Without measuring your muscle and fat, you cannot gauge your true progress. MORE INFO:



PHARMENEX-LOGOBy measuring the stable level of carotenoid antioxidants in your skin and generating your Skin Carotenoid Score, the Scanner provides a more accurate and reliable biomarker of your overall antioxidant health status than other methods of measuring antioxidants. Based on Nobel Prize winning science the BioPhotonic S3 Scanner is the only patented instrument that in 30 seconds conducts a live non-invasive tissue measurement and provides an immediate personal antioxidant assessment. MORE INFO:

color vibe cedar rapidsYou can join us for the walk/run fun in Cedar Rapids in a few weeks. Register before May 31st for the lower price!

Want to get in shape? Want to work on running but not ready for a race? Here’s the deal!

I’ve created a New Moon Fitness Team for the Color Vibe Walk/Run in Cedar Rapids on June 14th. Join the team!

The Color Run is an untimed (noncompetitive) 5K walk/run for which a portion of the proceeds go to Parks and Recreation Department to be used toward the city’s first Fitness Zone in Cherokee Park. To sign up, go to this link and register.

It will cost you $43. Chunk of money, I know, but here’s what you get:

  1. a fun day with fellow fitness friends
  2. contributing to a good cause
  3. your family can come watch
  4. you get to join me every Sunday morning a 10am here at the Studio for FREE training hours! We’ll walk/run from the Studio through North Ridge Park and back, which is 3.5 K (2 miles) and work up from there. Running the whole paved circular path in the park twice takes about 20 minutes. We can walk the whole thing in under an hour.

We’re not receiving any proceeds or advertisement from the race. We’re just in it for a good time and to lend support to you on your fitness journey.

Join us!

BE SURE TO SELECT NEW MOON FITNESS AS YOUR TEAM. And let Teresa know you’re on the team 319-325-4000.

Color Vibe Walk/Run Cedar Rapids

Most of us are familiar with strength training workouts that tell us to lift 3 sets of 8 reps for each exercise. Very often, we’re not instructed how fast to perform these repetitions or how much weight to use. The average lifter performs a rep at about 1 second up and 1 second down. Your trainer will likely tell you to slow down to at least a 2-second contraction and 2-second extension. Why?

Superslow Circuit Tubing Workout

Download 9-exercise, 12 minute Tubing Workout.

Muscle develops from time under tension. The goal is to work your muscle for a certain amount of time. Many people assume the longer you work the better. To that end, they add more sets and more reps to add more time. But studies show additional sets do not improve strength. Why?

Time matters, but what matters more is how intensely you work. Your goal is failure. You want to fatigue your muscles and do it between 60 and 90 seconds. Why?

The why has to do with your muscle fiber types. You have three types: slow-twitch, intermediate-twitch, and fast-twitch. The slow-twitch is a lower-order fiber (less calorie cost for your body), fires first, and recovers quickly within 90 seconds. Think jogger, endurance. Fast-twitch is a higher-order fiber (takes lots of calories to maintain), fires very briefly with great power, and slowly recovers over 4-10 days. Think sprinter, power. The goal in strength training is to strengthen all your muscle fiber types for endurance, power, and to keep your hormones youthful and your body lean.

To recruit all your muscle fiber types, you must fatigue your lower order fast enough (before 90 seconds) that they are not recovered before your fast-twitch is recruited, yet slow enough (after 60 seconds) so that you are not recruiting all fibers at the same time and quitting before your slow-twitch can be fatigued. To get all fibers worked, you must fire them sequentially, and that takes a slow, steady lift that allows your slow-twitch to fatigue and your fast-twitch a few seconds to fire before failure.

So you can see where the notion of 3 sets of 8 reps comes from. A 2-second contraction with 2-second extension done 8 times over 3 sets gives you 96 seconds when your muscles are under tension! The problem is that the structure of sets also gives you breaks during which time your slow-twitch recovers and prevents you from reaching muscle failure in all muscle fiber types. Very few of us have learned to push ourselves to muscle failure. Yet, that is the true goal of strength training.

The way to approach this magic 90-second set is to lift continuously, with slow repetitions using a weight that is enough that you will not be able to do one more full contraction (reach failure) between 60 and 90 seconds. If you can achieve this formula, you can achieve a full body workout in 12 minutes.

It will take practice and desire. Start with a goal of 6-second reps. Slow down as much as you can without stuttering the move—keep it fluid.

CAUTION: As with any exercise program, always review them with your doctor. If you haven’t trained for a while, start out slow and go easy. If you are pregnant, have diabetes, blood sugar problems, or any heart issues, you should take extra precautions.

Inspired by Body By Science (Doug McGuff, MD and John Little).

New Moon Fitness began operation in May of 2013. It’s a been a terrific year, filled with wonderful new people, exciting fitness opportunities, and personal discoveries. Not to mention learning all about managing a microbusiness.

What I Would Tell Myself If I Started Today

Run Club with Teresa
The best part will be, hands-down, the people you will meet, both clients and other personal and group trainers. There are many people with many questions and many answers. You are a small fish in a big pond, and you will love it.

You’ll worry that training in your own Studio may become a repetitive, unimaginative enterprise. But with different clients who have different goals and abilities and personalities, the fitness routine is anything but repetitive. You’ll have to be resourceful, calling on your skills at listening and researching to serve your clients. You’ll need to design workouts with different equipment, pacing, and targets.

The most important skill, besides simply listening well to what clients want or don’t want (and what they need to be educated about), is you must be flexible. Your clients will need you to understand fitness is important, but so is work and family. Schedules and routines must fit into their lives.

Fit Club with ShannonIt’s not going to be all highlights. You’ll try new programs, new routines, and keep some of them and pass on others. You’ll find that a few things won’t work for a small Studio. You’ll find that some marketing types are better than others. You’ll “waste” a lot of money trying things that won’t pay off. Don’t sweat it. In the end, all that matters IS what works, whether you get there in a week or a year.

You’ll find ethical dilemmas arise you hadn’t even considered (and some that you feared, you will never face). You’ll handle them with grace because your heart, not just your pocketbook, is in this business.

What I Tell Myself Going Forward

This next year will be fun!

I still feel like we’re the new kid on the block. Of course, we are. One year isn’t that long. It’s one step in what I hope will be a long career in the Coralville area. But already, Shannon and I have seen clients of all ages, sizes, goals, and abilities. Some are here for a jumpstart. Others want ongoing training. Some need to be pushed. Some need to be paced. We’re here to be what you need, with experience and knowledge to help dispel the myths and limitations you may be living with.

If you want to be part of our second year, we would love to have you!

Now, do what I tell you. Throw your 5 pound rubber-coated lavendar dumbbells away (or use them for paper weights–they belong on a desk not in a gym). Buy a barbell or dumbbells. If you’re local, you can buy a 35# studio set from me. You will need more weight than that soon.

Hardcore Four

Clean & Press, Deadlift, Front Squat, Chest Press. Use the heaviest weight you can while maintaining good technique and completing 8 reps per set. Aim for 3 sets but start with 1.

The following PDF has a trackable complete workout with warm up and cool down (and additional technique videos you can click and watch):