color vibe cedar rapidsWant to get in shape? Want to work on running but not ready for a race? Here’s the deal!

I’ve created a New Moon Fitness Team for the Color Vibe Walk/Run in Cedar Rapids on June 14th. Join the team!

The Color Run is an untimed (noncompetitive) 5K walk/run for which a portion of the proceeds go to Parks and Recreation Department to be used toward the city’s first Fitness Zone in Cherokee Park. To sign up, go to this link and register.

It will cost you $43. Chunk of money, I know, but here’s what you get:

  1. a fun day with fellow fitness friends
  2. contributing to a good cause
  3. your family can come watch
  4. you get to join me every Sunday morning a 10am here at the Studio for FREE training hours! We’ll walk/run from the Studio through North Ridge Park and back, which is 3.5 K (2 miles) and work up from there. Running the whole paved circular path in the park twice takes about 20 minutes. We can walk the whole thing in under an hour.

We’re not receiving any proceeds or advertisement from the race. We’re just in it for a good time and to lend support to you on your fitness journey.

Join us!

BE SURE TO SELECT NEW MOON FITNESS AS YOUR TEAM. And let Teresa know you’re on the team 319-325-4000.

Color Vibe Walk/Run Cedar Rapids

You’ve probably heard the phrase “We’re carb-burning machines!”

But we’re not.

Oh sure, our bodies will burn carbohydrates for fuel, converting them into glucose we use for energy. Our body converts carbs through
a process that is quicker and easier than how it converts other macronutrients, like fat and protein. But the preferred macronutrient for energy is fat.

There are good evolutionary reasons for this choice. But when we load up on carbs as we do by eating things like grains and sugars, we alter the levels and functioning of our enzymes and hormones to accommodate the extra load of energy and the deficiency of nutrients. So we get fat.

We know that when your body is working at a level that is NOT out of breath, you are burning mostly fats. That is, for every activity throughout your day — sitting, walking, even exercising at a moderate level — your body chooses fats to burn over carbohydrates. How much of your day do you spend in that zone? 99-100%?

Below VT1, fats are the primary fuel source, only small amounts of lactic acid are being produced, and the increasing cardiorespiratory challenge comes from a need to increase inspiration, not expiration. The body responds by increasing the amount of air inspired with each breath (tidal volume). When exercising below VT1, talking should not be challenging or uncomfortable. (Ace Fitness)

When I say “fat,” I’m not talking about taking fat from your cells. I’m talking fatty acids found in your blood. How those fatty acids get in your blood are both from fats broken down from your stored fat but also fatty acids you eat.

So you don’t need that Gatorade, energy bar, or pasta. It doesn’t fuel you; it fats you. Eat nuts.

It’s in the Numbers

Every cell in your body needs fat for its health. A gram of fat has 9 calories. A gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories. A calorie is the measure of energy supplied. No wonder fat tastes good to us. Evolution would likely select for the best energy source, especially when that source also provides necessary chemicals for every cell in our bodies.

And no wonder we’re all fat from eating empty carbohydrates (grains and sugars). Our bodies store them easier and get virtually no nutrition from them, driving us to eat more because our bodies are not getting what they need.

If you’re a high-performance athlete working frequently near the VT2 level (speed, power), you burn more carbohydrates than most of us and likely those empty carbs in the form of grains and sugars are not getting shoved into your fat cells. I can guarantee that’s no more than 3% of you reading this. And that doesn’t mean they aren’t damaging your hormones and organs.

Endurance, long-distance, or even moderate exercise lasting hours is not necessarily hitting the carbohydrate burning zone. In fact, more athletes in these sports are beginning to turn to using fats for fuel with great success.

The days of “carb-loading” with big spaghetti dinners are going away.

One note: carbohydrates are dense sources of nutrients and fuel when we eat them in the form of vegetables and fruits. Carbohydrates in the form of grains and sugars are empty. Low carb diets are good insofar as they emphasize elimination of the empty carbs, not all carbs.

If, along with other foods, you’re reducing the amount of vegetables you eat in order to lower calories, you’re doing the absolute wrong thing. If you want to focus on calorie restriction for weight loss, simply quit the grains. You’ll be losing nothing your body needs.

All the details at Mark’s Daily Apple.

Do your kids need to exercise more than their trigger fingers? Mine do!

My 9 and 11 year old join us every Saturday morning in the Studio for Les Mills Born to Move™. Our program focuses on 8-12 year olds, and we accept kids in the class younger or older to give it a try, too.

We do kick, punch, dance, and simple movement tracks and always end with Yoga.

Try a session for free! We have sessions every Saturday morning at 9am amd 10am.

Shannon’s small group training (Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays) has always offered variety. Now, she offers Fit Club as part of the mix! If you’ve been curious about any of the workouts Beachbody offers–P90X, Insanity, Focus T25, Les Mills Pump, Brazil Butt Lift, Hip Hop Abs, and more–contact Shannon and give one a try. You can join as a Fit Club member or as a regular SGT member.

Either way, You’ll be ready for your summer. Try your first session for free!


bigstock-Senior-Man-Exercising-In-Park-13909706We’re here to change lives. We want to help you find the activity that will become part of your life not just a burden in your day. If you like a smaller studio and personal instruction, that’s what we’re best at! We also have small groups for adults and kids. But maybe you’re looking for something a little different or something in addition.

Whether you like to sweat or not, there is SOME activity that you will love and you should be doing. You know you need to move your body, so let us help you! We have experience with many forms of exercise, with all the Iowa City-Coralville area clubs, and with activities you may not even think of as exercise! If we don’t offer it, we know someone who does, and we’re glad refer you.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Classes – Maybe you like the convenience of daily classes with a larger group of people? Try hitting the heavy bag with Shannon at Title Boxing in Iowa City or experience a moderate circuit workout wth Shannon at Curves in Coralville.
  2. Swimming – Interested in something more mild and aerobic? Besides the city rec centers, where you may feel crowded, local hotels have hours when the public can use their pools for a minimal fee.
  3. HIIT – Interested in increasing your intensity level, challenging yourself but don’t have hours to spend in a gym? Try a session of Les Mills GRIT at Performance Health and Fitness in Coralville. Teresa likes attending this workout for her own fitness. GRIT is the trainers’ training!
  4. Dancing – Dancing is fun! As my friend Shira says, “It doesn’t feel so much like exercise when you’re wearing chiffon”. Belly Dancing by Shira has classes starting every few months. One session starts this week at the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center!


If you want to sign up for one of these, please do so no later than Monday, March 24.

Belly Dance Level 2:  6:00 – 6:55 p.m.  (Pre-requisite: at least 6 months of prior belly dance classes)
Belly Dance for Exercise:  7:00 – 7:55 p.m.  (All levels)
Belly Dance Level 1:  8:00 – 8:55 p.m.  (Less than 6 months of prior belly dance classes)

Dates:  6 weeks, March 27 through May 8, 2014. (No class April 24.)

Location:  Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center, 220 S. Gilbert Street, Iowa City, IA 52240.  This is located downtown, at the corner of Gilbert Street and Burlington Street.

Price for Iowa City residents:  Choose either class for $55 for the session or take two for $110.  For non-residents, the prices are $60 for one class, or $120 for two.






This is our philosophy in training and life.

We’ve said it before and will say it again and again. There are many ways to get fit and healthy. A thousand diets and exercise routines. Find the one that works for you.

The important thing–the one thing we all must do–is be consistent. So find what you can stick with. Small steps, little increments. Find what’s good and do it. When you can, do better.

Never give up because you can’t be “perfect” like some fitness poster or friend.

As I was perusing some options for exercise in the Corridor (and taking advantage of some myself!), I put together a few things that make New Moon Fitness unique. Thought I would share this with you because you have choices about where and when you exercise (or don’t).

1. We’re a Boutique Studio

you choose personal training new moon fiitnessMost Iowans are familiar with personal training at a big box gym, where clients often train in the middle of an open floor. They may feel the stares of those on cardio machines or athletes on benches. Our studio is an intimate location where clients have privacy to exercise and learn alone with their trainer or in a small group of other adults they come to know as friends. Boutique studios are common on the coasts but a new concept in the Midwest. Boutique studios cater to specific exercise modalities or specific types of clients. We do both.

2. We Focus on Underserved Populations

When people think “personal training” they often think of athletic youth and performance enhancement. But personal trainers are part of your allied healthcare team. We are professionals who focus on helping you improve your fitness and modify risk factors to your health, prevent disease, and help following the completion of a physical therapy program. That’s why we like to focus on women, older adults, and children. Middle age is often a time when we find we’ve gained unwanted weight and might be facing health problems. The childhood years are a time when we can start good habits, and parents are often looking for exercise that will engage their children. We love to work with these populations because the thing they have in common is they’re both ready to learn and our challenge is to get them excited about exercise.

3. We’re a Home-based Business

Home-based businesses are not new; they were the usual method of business for centuries. The barber who lived in his back room. The grocer with a store front and family living in an apartment above. But as businesses grew in size and zoning laws proliferated, in-home businesses dwindled. There is a new trend of businesses moving back into home and builders creating new communities based on that idea right here in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. We created the studio on the first floor of a home near Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville. We have an external entrance and just under 400 sq ft focused on strength training, using dumbbells, barbells, benches, resistance tubes, BOSU balance trainers, TRX suspension system, 50-pound boxing bag, medicine balls, and more.

4. We Are Trainers, Teachers, and Students

For us, personal training is not simply an exercise program we offer, but an education program we share. We seek to empower our clients to make good choices with regard to activity and nutrition. Shannon Price has been a trainer in the Iowa City area for over a decade and trains at several clubs in the area. Teresa Heitman experienced the value of personal training as a client, losing 80 pounds and regaining her health, before she left a career as a programmer and became a trainer herself three years ago.

5. We Offer Convenient Pricing and Added Value

Most box gyms keep 50% of what you pay your trainer, which means your cost must be higher. We pay only the trainer who does the actual work, so the cost is lower for you. Personal training is a lifestyle, not just a job. It requires hours of research, education, planning, and communicating beyond the hour a client spends in our studio. In addition to training hours, clients have access to our online training system that provides hundreds of workouts they can choose from on their own. Our trainers design home workouts, too. Also, perhaps the thing clients love the most, is that all our groups, including the kids fitness, are free to active clients. We want exercise to become a habit.

6. We Are Involved in the Corridor Community

In addition to her training, Teresa works as a lunch-recess supervisor at a local elementary school, where she encourages kids of all ages to get active. She and her husband offer free exercise classes at area elementary schools for fundraising and family fun nights. New Moon Fitness participates in fundraising for local charities and events, such as American Heart Association. Shannon Price presents talks to local groups about fitness and aging. We have a Facebook page, where we share fitness facts and trends and are happy to answer questions and direct people to fitness and nutrition resources we may not offer. We don’t feel competitive with other fitness businesses and seek collaboration to find the right fit for everyone.



Phone: 319-325-4000

New Moon Fitness, LLC (NMF) is a personal training and group fitness business in Coralville. Teresa Heitman and Shannon Price are the owners and certified personal trainers who train clients 1-on-1 and in small groups of adults or children. We opened NMF in the spring of 2013.

Omg Scale

Achieving your fitness goals may not be easy but it is simple. A lifestyle is likely how you got those extra pounds, soft muscles, or poor metabolism. And only a different lifestyle can change that!

Here are some ideas for a better 2014.

Eat less processed food

Processed foods (take-out, frozen pizza, pastries, microwave meals) have many calories with little nutrition, so your body will want more food even as it stores fat. Only good nutrition, not short-term calorie restriction, will build a healthy body and satisfy hunger.

Eat more protein and fat

Proteins and fats are used to build, repair, and fuel. Carbohydrates are used for one thing—fuel—and you don’t even need them for that. Make your carbs count: eat more vegetables and less grains. Contrary to what we have long been told, a calorie is NOT just a calorie. The type of food, not just the amount, influences our energy systems and hormones.

Exercise more

Diet without exercise will reduce muscle as well as fat. Resistance training will build muscle, which lowers your risk of functional limitations and disease, increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure, and reduces your chance of developing osteoporosis. The mental health benefits include prevention of depression and anxiety, increased energy levels, and decreased fatigue.


    1. Stop the “diet”. Change your eating to something sustainable.
    2. Focus on behaviors, not outcomes. The outcome (fat loss) comes about as a result of fat loss behaviors, one after the other, for weeks, months, and years. The good news is that you are always one meal or one workout away from regaining your fitness mode!
    3. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Think good, better, best. Don’t give up if you don’t live the “perfect” lifestyle. For example, canned vegetables are good. Fresh vegetables are better. Organic are the best. And choosing a vegetable over french fries is genius!
    4. Take responsibility. Do you want a Magic Pill or Meal Plan or Super Shake to do the work for you? Only YOU are be responsible for the results you get. Or don’t get.

Join us 1, 2, or 3 times a week for strength-based and interval workouts.

Want training with the support of a group but not the crowd of a box gym? Need guidance and accountability but don’t feel you can afford 1-1 training? We have a solution for you. Join us for our small group classes. We have a variety to choose from. All groups are free to personal training clients. New members can join a group or come to any on a drop-in basis.


body-by-shannon-new-moon-fitnessBe a Part of this Highly Successful Program! Build your body, raise your metabolism, lose weight & body fat, increase flexibility, increase bone density, get sculpted, anti-aging! Leg days, upper body days, circuits, boxing, and more! Equipment: Dumbbells, Barbells, Tubes, Bosu, Benches, TRX, Boxing.

  • Max of 5 Adults training together.
  • 60 minute sessions.
  • Participants follow the same routine with modifications provided as necessary.
  • You may attend ANY and ALL sessions for the month.
  • 2-3 sessions/week.
  • Food Journaling.
  • No roll-overs of missed sessions to other weeks or months.
  • For  body and fitness assessments, additional sessions, or meal planning, ask about add-ons.
  • PRICE:  $125/month ($10-$15 per session)

Tuesday 7:30PM, Thursday 7:15PM, Friday 6:30PM


strength-squad-new-moon-fitnessThis is Teresa’s personal workout. Wonder how this once-fat, unhealthy menopausal woman got fit? Classes will include a variety of high intensity intervals and lifting in HIIT CLUB and pure iron in STRENGTH SQUAD. We’ll use barbells, dumbbells, plate weights, bodyweight, benches, tubes, chin up bar, paralletes–you name it! Workout routines vary based on Teresa’s mood, but she’s happy to take requests.

  • Max of 5 Adults training together.
  • 30-60 minute sessions that change weekly.
  • These workouts are free to our personal training clients.
  • Call/text for reservation.
  • Free first class.
  • PRICE: ALL STRENGTH AND HIIT $49.00/month ($4.00 session). ALL STRENGTH $36 ($4.50 session). ALL HIIT $19 ($4.75 session). Drop in any session $5.00.

hiitclub1-new-moon-fitnessCURRENT SCHEDULE CORALVILLE:
Monday & Friday 5:45PM STRENGTH
Sunday 9:00AM HIIT