12 Minute Athlete App – Great Choice For Anyone

A friend turned me on to a new fitness app, and I wanted to share it with you. It’s from the 12 Minute Athlete website. The website offers free workouts and inspiration. Now, it offers an app.

The app is “12 Minute Athlete“. There’s a free version and one that costs $2.99. I highly recommend $2.99 app for anyone who has the self-discipline to do a short intense workout but would enjoy mixing it up. The app provides workouts of different lengths, with different exercises, in different orders, based on the equipment you want to use. Each exercise explains the technique, links to a video of it, and offers modifications.

You’ll find exercises tailored to your equipment: body weight only, box, dip bar, pull up bar, sandbag, medicine ball, jump rope, kettle bell. This is HIIT/CrossFit common equipment, but almost any home has what you need. You can buy any of this equipment at a department or sports store. You can also think of the sandbag and kettle bell as simply resistance/load of any kind, like dumbbells, books, filled water bottles–whatever you have. You can get a pull up bar for your doorway, sit on the floor and use the edge of a table, or use a playground bar at your local park. You can use your stairs in place of a box. Dip bars can be the arms of a sturdy chair.

You select duration, equipment, shake, click start, and a timer runs you through the complete workout. Simple and effective!



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