A Month of Cindy and New Work Outs Posted

As fall is wrapping up and we’re planning for our winter work outs, I managed to get some of our favorites posted in The Gym for you to try. Be sure to read all the information, practice good technique, and stay within your limits. If you have questions on technique, consult a trainer at your gym, search the web, or text Teresa.

I’m always working to simplify my life. In December, you can join my pursuit of the simple lifestyle by doing one simple but highly effective work out with me — Cindy.

Cindy is an elegant Crossfit WOD: a 20 minute AMRAP (that’s “as many reps as possible”) comprised of a circuit of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats performed over-and-over without planned rest. How many rounds do you think you can complete in 20 minutes? Let’s find out.

Twice a week I’ll be doing Cindy and posting my results. As you might imagine, I have done this WOD a number of times. Last year at this time I was performing Murph 1-2 times each week. Murph is similar except it requires two miles of running on top of the Cindy exercises. See? Even simpler than Murph.

The goal is to complete one round each minute, or 20 rounds of Cindy, which means you’re on target to complete a 40 minute Murph!

So there you have it. A month of Cindy. Print the WOD below and plan for 20 minutes two times each week. You’ll only regret it for a week or so. Then you’ll stop being sore and start feeling strong. You’ll likely even lose a few pounds of fat.

Enjoy your turkey, potatoes, and pie, and I’ll see you in December. Boo-yah!

NMF WOD – Cindy – (click to download) You can modify the pull ups with jumping pull ups, supine rows, suspension pull ups, pull downs, or dumbbell rows. You can modify push ups with incline or knees.




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