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New clients often wonder what, exactly, we do. Well, that’s simple. What we DO is get you moving. It’s the HOW that is complicated. Shannon and I have different kinds of workouts available. What I thought I’d do is share a month’s worth of workouts I use with my clients (and myself). If you’re curious or just need some inspiration for your own routines, take a look.


For the web, I’ve given these routines names, but when clients show up, I usually just say, “Start rowing…” Extra time is always given to added cardio.


The “Sweet 6” is a comprehensive full-body strength routine. Legs are first, followed by back, chest/shoulders, then a metabolic exercise, then arms, and core. The beauty is the simplicity — just 6 exercises. The power is the VARIETY of exercises and equipment. A mere 30 minutes, and I guarantee you’ll feel great!


The “Big 4” is a strength routine intensely focused on your biggest muscle groups. The beauty is the weakness you’ll feel when you fail your final set. Failure is glorious here at NMF! Nothing beats knowing you’ve left it all on the Studio floor. The power is, well, the POWER. This is your old-school hour of seeing just how much heavy stuff you can pick up and put down.


The “HIIT” is a metabolic shredder. The beauty is the exhaustion high. No kidding. You’ll feel euphoric and a little wobbly when you leave. The power is the fat-burning, metabolic boost that will burn through you for 24 hours.

The schedule is set up for five days of workouts every week. The Sweet 6 you can do every day. The Big 4 requires a few recovery days (sometimes more). HIIT can be done twice each week, even with other workouts, if you like. This list is set up for our Studio, so you may not have access to all the equipment listed. We don’t use machines! That means most every exercise can be adjusted for other kinds of loads — dumbbells to barbells, weight vest to body weight, etc. Instead of a stability ball, you can use a bench or floor, etc. Changing equipment will change the exercise somewhat, but IT’S ALL GOOD.

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