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All the Cool Kids are Doing It

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I started at my current Crossfit affiliate last year in March. It was the middle of the Open, so I watched the fun but wasn’t part of it. I did the programmed metcons during the week but not the weekend Open metcons. I’m now coming up on a year at Exodus Crossfit Coralville and I registered for the 2019 Open.

I’m excited to be a part of the Open this year. Here’s the thing.

The top performers in the world doing the Open Rx will get invitations and compete in the Games. I’ll do scaled work outs and probably rank somewhere around number 245,215th. It’s not about winning for most of us. It’s about watching our progress and being part of this great continuum. I’ll be in the same list with people like Tia-Clair Toomey (@tiaclair1) and Sara Sigmundsdottir (@sarasigmunds)!

Additionally, I am absolutely loving the video posts at the Crossfit mainsite showing the old dude in a button-down and loafers doing leg raises, lifting bottles, squatting onto his couch. etc. Greg Glassman has a great vision: fitness is for everyone. Off the couch, off the carbs.

You can register for the Open as an independent or join your local box. If you’re local to me, let me bring you to Exodus for a free week. Also, include me in your custom leaderboard. My profile is here and my tags:

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