April Challenge – Daily Tabata

Teresa here. I thought I’d share with you my newest workout.

There is joy in hours of running with a steadily increasing heart rate. I can listen to music and think. Moderate exercise is awesome! But I have neither the time nor the patience most days. I prefer intense exercise. I like to feel like I’ve left it all on the gym floor. That’s why Tabata rocks.

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). High intensity means your heart rate is pushed to 80% or more of its maximum capacity. When you exercise at this level, you can’t speak, are gasping for air, sweating, and may feel like puking.

Hallelujah! Now you know you’re alive!

I was introduced to HIIT a few years ago and took classes that varied by using intense exercise intervals followed by a rest interval and then repeating this cycle for an hour.

Tabata is a precise form of HIIT that uses exactly 8 intervals of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. The point is to go ALL OUT for 20 seconds and then limit your recovery time. Tabata is a highly creative protocol and yet simple at the same time: most any bodyweight exercise and many resistance exercises can be incorporated.

Tabata is named after the doctor who studied Japanese Olympic speed skaters. He found the 4 minute interval technique using bicycle sprints was more effective than an hour of moderate cycling. Also, the Tabata participants saw a 28-percent improvement in “anaerobic capacity”—a measure of how long you can exercise at your top effort. The control group saw no such improvements.

The original study found that highly conditioned athletes had exhausted themselves with this 4 minutes, and that’s the goal. They gave those 4 minutes to one exercise, thereby exhausting those muscles. However, by doing different exercises for each of the intervals, you’re working your heart the same as that original study group, but you’re not exhausting one muscle group. Hence, one Tabata (4-minute session) can be your daily cardio workout that you follow with resistance & core training. I’ll be doing this every day in April

Know what you’re getting into

I have 25 exercises I’ve chosen, most of which are bodyweight. I randomly select 4 each day and do two sets of those. After a cool down, I move into my strength training. That changes daily, too.

I’ll post my workouts on our New Moon Facebook page. If you do not have hypertension or heart issues, are not pregnant, and have already been exercising, you can do Tabata too! If you have any medical conditions or have not been working out consistently for 6 months or are on medication, talk to your doctor first. For the first few session, you might want to do a modified Tabata (moderate not sprinting speed and/or a 4-interval not 8-interval session).

If you have questions about any exercise technique, post it here or on the New Moon Facebook for us to answer.

Another great thing about Tabata is you can do it alone at home–as long as you can push yourself! If that’s your weakness, give us a call. We’ll be signing up new clients soon. I’ve been there. I know it often works better when someone else is telling you what to do.

What you need

You need a timer. I use “Seconds Pro” app for iPhone. It has a built in Tabata timer. I use “Random #” app for iPhone to pick the exercise.

Here was today’s session

Tabata & Core:

Warm up (5min)

Step run | rest | 20/10 secs

Squat thrust | rest | 20/10 secs

Squat Jump | rest | 20/10 secs

Mountain climber | rest | 20/10 secs

Step run | rest | 20/10 secs

Squat thrust | rest | 20/10 secs

Squat Jump | rest | 20/10 secs

Mountain climber | rest | 20/10 secs

Cool Down (2min)

Sit up press | 15r | rest 30sec | 15r – 15# DB

Superman plank | 30sec | rest 30sec | 30sec

Swiss ball jackknife | 15r | rest 30sec | 15r

One-leg side plank | 30sec | rest 30sec | 30sec

Stretch (7min)

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