Because You Have a Choice

As I was perusing some options for exercise in the Corridor (and taking advantage of some myself!), I put together a few things that make New Moon Fitness unique. Thought I would share this with you because you have choices about where and when you exercise (or don’t).

1. We’re a Boutique Studio

you choose personal training new moon fiitnessMost Iowans are familiar with personal training at a big box gym, where clients often train in the middle of an open floor. They may feel the stares of those on cardio machines or athletes on benches. Our studio is an intimate location where clients have privacy to exercise and learn alone with their trainer or in a small group of other adults they come to know as friends. Boutique studios are common on the coasts but a new concept in the Midwest. Boutique studios cater to specific exercise modalities or specific types of clients. We do both.

2. We Focus on Underserved Populations

When people think “personal training” they often think of athletic youth and performance enhancement. But personal trainers are part of your allied healthcare team. We are professionals who focus on helping you improve your fitness and modify risk factors to your health, prevent disease, and help following the completion of a physical therapy program. That’s why we like to focus on women, older adults, and children. Middle age is often a time when we find we’ve gained unwanted weight and might be facing health problems. The childhood years are a time when we can start good habits, and parents are often looking for exercise that will engage their children. We love to work with these populations because the thing they have in common is they’re both ready to learn and our challenge is to get them excited about exercise.

3. We’re a Home-based Business

Home-based businesses are not new; they were the usual method of business for centuries. The barber who lived in his back room. The grocer with a store front and family living in an apartment above. But as businesses grew in size and zoning laws proliferated, in-home businesses dwindled. There is a new trend of businesses moving back into home and builders creating new communities based on that idea right here in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. We created the studio on the first floor of a home near Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville. We have an external entrance and just under 400 sq ft focused on strength training, using dumbbells, barbells, benches, resistance tubes, BOSU balance trainers, TRX suspension system, 50-pound boxing bag, medicine balls, and more.

4. We Are Trainers, Teachers, and Students

For us, personal training is not simply an exercise program we offer, but an education program we share. We seek to empower our clients to make good choices with regard to activity and nutrition. Shannon Price has been a trainer in the Iowa City area for over a decade and trains at several clubs in the area. Teresa Heitman experienced the value of personal training as a client, losing 80 pounds and regaining her health, before she left a career as a programmer and became a trainer herself three years ago.

5. We Offer Convenient Pricing and Added Value

Most box gyms keep 50% of what you pay your trainer, which means your cost must be higher. We pay only the trainer who does the actual work, so the cost is lower for you. Personal training is a lifestyle, not just a job. It requires hours of research, education, planning, and communicating beyond the hour a client spends in our studio. In addition to training hours, clients have access to our online training system that provides hundreds of workouts they can choose from on their own. Our trainers design home workouts, too. Also, perhaps the thing clients love the most, is that all our groups, including the kids fitness, are free to active clients. We want exercise to become a habit.

6. We Are Involved in the Corridor Community

In addition to her training, Teresa works as a lunch-recess supervisor at a local elementary school, where she encourages kids of all ages to get active. She and her husband offer free exercise classes at area elementary schools for fundraising and family fun nights. New Moon Fitness participates in fundraising for local charities and events, such as American Heart Association. Shannon Price presents talks to local groups about fitness and aging. We have a Facebook page, where we share fitness facts and trends and are happy to answer questions and direct people to fitness and nutrition resources we may not offer. We don’t feel competitive with other fitness businesses and seek collaboration to find the right fit for everyone.



Phone: 319-325-4000

New Moon Fitness, LLC (NMF) is a personal training and group fitness business in Coralville. Teresa Heitman and Shannon Price are the owners and certified personal trainers who train clients 1-on-1 and in small groups of adults or children. We opened NMF in the spring of 2013.

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