Build Your Tribe – Start at the Gym

Interesting comparison with how our ancestors spent their day versus how we do. It’s easy to think we work less with our modern conveniences, but that’s not likely the case. Nor is it likely that we get as much sleep or socializing as they did. We spend outr time differently, but how much do we squander?


  • Hunting and gathering food 5 hours
  • Sleep, nap, rest, relax 10 hours
  • Shelter and basic needs chores 3 hours
  • Leisure time and group socializing 6 hours

(Based on the !Kung Bushmen of Africa)


  • Workplace 9 hours
  • Commute 2 hours
  • Sleep 6.7 hours
  • Screen time (TV, computer, digital entertainment) 4 hours
  • Grooming, household chores, free time 2.3 hours

(Estimates from TV Free America in Washington DC and American Time Use Survey Summary US Dept of Labor)

And FREE TIME includes 24 minutes of reading and 3.5 minutes of meaningful conversation with your children. Ugh. Paleo living isn’t all about food. It’s about living as human beings.

Build a Tribe

Strong social bonds were key to our survival. In the digital age, we have hundreds of “friends” and thousands of “neighbors” but how many live social connections?

You’ll find that, besides the simple satisfaction of flesh & blood bonding, nurturing an intimate circle of friends and family provides health benefits. Start at the gym, developing friendships based on physical activity. It’s what my family did. We threw away our television, made weeknight work outs our social life, and we now have a whole new life and fitness.

The researchers found that a higher degree of social connectivity was associated with lower risk of physiological dysregulation in a “dose–response manner” during adolescence, as well as during early, middle, and later adult life. For example, social isolation increased the risk of inflammation by the same magnitude as physical inactivity during adolescence, and the effect of social isolation on hypertension exceeded other clinical risk factors such as diabetes in old age. (Having Social Bonds Is the No. 1 Way to Optimize Your Health)

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