Burn Notice – The FIRST Les Mills GRIT™ in Iowa

We have the first Les Mills GRIT™ team in Iowa!

This HIIT training is growing fast. Why?

  1. It’s faster and more scientific than most bootcamps
  2. It’s safer that Crossfit
  3. It will get you FIT FAST
  4. It will get you HEART & BODY strong in just 30 minutes

Go hard. Go home.

We offer training on

    • Tuesdays 12:40pm
    • Wednesdays 7:00pm
    • Thursdays 4:40pm
    • Saturdays 9:00am

personal-training-paleo-health-coach-coralville-iowaOur Studio is near the Coral Ridge Mall.

I’m proud of the women and men, 30s and 40s, athletes and those new to exercise who have joined us. I’d love to add 3 more team members. Only 1-2 sessions per week. Can you commit? I’ll add over the next two weeks. After that, the FIRST EVER Iowa GRIT is in the books. Booyah! Teresa at 319-325-4000.

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