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Endings & Beginnings

I’m fortunate enough to be able to choose whether to work outside the home. For a number of years, I homeschooled my two kids. Later, they were dual-enrolled, so we had some classes at home and I shuttled them to others at public school and the home school assistance programs...


Lessons Learned – Facebook and Twitter Accounts

I’m removing the New Moon Fitness Facebook page. There are numerous reasons, but the final straw was the privacy fiasco and bad faith response with which Facebook has consistently operated. To maintain a business page, I must also have a personal page, and that requires upkeep time as well as...


CrossFit vs the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

When your bottom line is at stake, all kinds of things get overlooked…or just plain lied about. I’ve seen more injuries from people in personal training and/or sports than in CrossFit. I enjoyed doing CrossFit a lot, but it ended up being too risky for me with certain lingering injuries (that I...


Less Risk of Alzheimer’s With Exercise

The more energy you use each week — the more physically active you are — the less your chance of Alzheimer’s disease. A study looked at 876 adults over age 65 and used MRI scans of their brains before and after activities that ranged from gardening to cycling. Higher levels...


It’s Not About Being Fat – Why Exercise Matters

You may have read a post or heard me say that exercise is not about weight loss. I say that a lot because it is a common myth. If you have significant weight to lose, exercise — no matter how much — will not get you to your goal. Weight...


How to Keep Your Muscles Young – New Study

Researchers knew Bmal1 regulated the circadian feeding rhythm of muscle. Now they also know it regulates the aging of muscle.

They extrapolate that bmal1 is involved in the aging process. Since how our circadian rhythms affects this protein, we can control our aging to some extent by maintaining consistent sleep and eating routines — activities that, when absent, have been found in other studies to disrupt our circadian rhythms.


Testing EPOC

IDEA Fitness Journal for April 2015 has a fantastic article about the advantages of high-intensity training. The big advantage is excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). What that fancy word means is your body keeps burning fuel (mostly fat) for minutes, hours, days after your exercise. So what’s the best...


You Need Only Three Things For Fitness

I was reviewing the past year and the progress of my clients, both long term and short term. I can see three things affecting their success. Those who work on all three are doing the best. Those with two of the three are split: some progressing, some at a stand still. Those...


Cheer Up!

As winter sets in, you may feel the blues arrive. Here are some ways to boost your mood by boosting your serotonin levels! 10. Avoid the fast track to happiness: don’t eat sugar or empty carbs for the quick high. 9. Don’t avoid carbs entirely; they help you manage tryptophan....