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It’s Not About Being Fat – Why Exercise Matters

You may have read a post or heard me say that exercise is not about weight loss. I say that a lot because it is a common myth. If you have significant weight to lose, exercise — no matter how much — will not get you to your goal. Weight loss is about food and hormones. Exercise can aid in your weight loss indirectly, but the theory of calories-in-calories-out is a myth. That doesn’t mean exercise is unimportant. Here is why it is VERY important. Using an evidence-based approach, the landmark Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Exercise (1996) identified...


How to Keep Your Muscles Young – New Study

Researchers knew Bmal1 regulated the circadian feeding rhythm of muscle. Now they also know it regulates the aging of muscle.

They extrapolate that bmal1 is involved in the aging process. Since how our circadian rhythms affects this protein, we can control our aging to some extent by maintaining consistent sleep and eating routines — activities that, when absent, have been found in other studies to disrupt our circadian rhythms.


Testing EPOC

IDEA Fitness Journal for April 2015 has a fantastic article about the advantages of high-intensity training. The big advantage is excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). What that fancy word means is your body keeps burning fuel (mostly fat) for minutes, hours, days after your exercise. So what’s the best exercise for this extra burn? The article covers several important studies including one by Paoli et al (2012). This study was tested on young men with training experience. Besides specific controls for the exercise, the researchers controlled diet and randomized the routines and times. Here are the two routines: 1....


You Need Only Three Things For Fitness

I was reviewing the past year and the progress of my clients, both long term and short term. I can see three things affecting their success. Those who work on all three are doing the best. Those with two of the three are split: some progressing, some at a stand still. Those hitting just one area are struggling. Here are the areas to consider as you enter this new year, resolve to improve your fitness, and prepare for summer beach wear. If you’re fat and want to lose it, you have to change your lifestyle. If you’re weak and want to be...