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Recipe – Paleo Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie – Gluten and Dairy Free

My teen-age kids are impatient. They want snacks and they want them NOW. Their growing bodies can still absorb extra carbs that I avoid, but one thing we share is our gluten-free lifestyle. We have a lot of autoimmune conditions in our family, so we take our gluten — our ABSENCE of gluten — seriously. I’m also adamant about not having snacks sitting around. You know…you make a pie or buy a bag of something, and it sits around for days as the family eats it. Treats are occasional indulgences, one-offs — celebrations for a good day, comforting on a...


Recipe – Paleo Fiesta Enchiladas – Gluten and Dairy Free

It’s been a long time since I posted a recipe. That’s mostly because I eat simply. Meat, greens, nuts, and berries — that’s my diet. I indulge sometimes, but I always get back to meat-greens. It’s where my body works best for energy, mood, strength, and weight. But I have a family, and they like — as they point out often — FLAVOR. Seriously, though, what has more flavor than a ribeye? I don’t understand. I once had my husband complain “Steak…AGAIN?” Whaaa? I’m fortunate to be at a place in my life where I can have steak daily, so...


My Oven Fire Proves This Gluten-free Bread Can’t Fail

If you know my story, you’ll know how much I once loved bread. I was a gourmet baker making various grain breads from scratch weekly. I made loaves, pizza doughs, and baked goodies. I had a blueprint for building my own outdoor brick oven. Then I went primal and never looked back. I thoroughly understand the detrimental effect of gluten. Still, bread is good as a table extender — meaning it’s cheap and filling. It makes lunches and quick meals easier with sandwiches. And empty carbs are fine in moderation for my kids and my husband, if not for me. Nobody needs gluten. Or...