Daily Workouts – Simple (Not Easy)

personal training coralvilleFinding it hard to get to the gym? Need motivation or just a little push to get started? Like variety? Here’s your answer!

Below are 5 workouts. Do the same workout on the same day each week and record how many reps or time to score your progress. You don’t need equipment and each should take just 10-15 mins.

1. LADDER – Do for 2 min, rest 30 sec. Repeat 5 times

n x Burpee + 10 mountain climbers
n+1 x Burpee (add 1 burpee each round) + 10 mountain climbers

2. EMOM – 10 min every minute on the minute do 15 reps of an exercise. Rest the remainder of the minute. At minute 6 start the set over for 10 exercises in 10 minutes

Squat jumps
Tricep push-ups
Sumo squats
Butterfly sit-ups

3. AMRAP – Do as many reps as possible cycling through the set for 5 mins. Record total reps of all exercises combined. Rest 3 mins. Repeat set for second total reps.

10 side climbers
20 box jumps (stair, bench)
20 butterfly sit-ups

4. FOR TIME – Do all exercises and record time to complete

20 squat jumps
20 push-ups
100 butterfly sit-ups

5. DO EACH – 1 min each exercise followed by 20 sec rest and move to next exercise. Rest 2 mins after set and repeat set.

Dips (bench, stair, table edge)
Jumping Jacks

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