Did You Get New Goals or Just a New Gadget?

I believe anything that helps you with mindfulness about your habits and motivates you toward wellness is good. That includes the myriad trackers, games, and online fitness plans many of us received for Christmas.

Maybe you have a new Fitbit. Now what? You can start working to meet the goals suggested — like 10,000 steps a day, 7+ hours sleep, movement each hour, 8 glasses of water. All positive steps for most of us.

Maybe you can play a game of wii dodgeball. Or you can follow along with a class on your exercise subscription service. You can load the new dance DVD and sweat. All good options for your week.

If your goals include diet change, maybe you received a paleo recipe app. Maybe you started a Weight Watchers tracking program. Maybe you have new kitchen electronics to steam, grill, dehydrate. All excellent choices!

Most of us will take a few steps on the new path and stumble. Some of us will pick ourselves up and stay on this path, increasing our activity, while others will just call it quits and take the easy exit to the nearest highway. What can keep us plugging along when our lifestyles are set to inhibit activity?

It takes more than a gadget and a few steps. It takes a plan. Wellness is a spectrum, and we can all be on the positive end of it with help. That means fleshing out what your goals are, understanding the process that will achieve them, and integrating that process into your life. That may take an actual person — a coach and trainer who can help to make sense of the hundreds of choices and conflicting claims.

Games and gadgets combined with a real commitment to self-betterment can help you get into shape. But a trainer can answer questions, provide assessments, and clarify choices.

For an interesting comparison, check out this post on Popular Mechanics:

How many gadgets does it take to get one man into shape? PM Senior Editor Glenn Derene sought the answer, working out with a barrage of fitness gizmos and comparing the digital experience to a human one—exercising with a real-live personal trainer.

15 Gadgets vs 1 Personal Trainer

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