Do Fitness Pros Understand Obese Clients?


Teresa at 206 pounds in 2005.

“You can’t just tell your clients what you want them to do; you have to ask them what they’re willing to do and then create a plan around that. If they aren’t willing, they aren’t going to do it.” —  Read the outstanding article “Do Fitness Pros Understand Obese Clients?” on IdeaFit.

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique. Everyone has emotional and physical challenges that are often complicated by family and work.

That photo you see is me (Teresa) in 2005. For years, I tried unsuccessfully to get the weight off on my own until I found my fitness guru (Shannon). More than eighty pounds trickled off over two years of dedicated food management and exercise. That little girl in the photo is the reason I lost the weight and became a trainer myself.

What Obese People Wish Fitness Professionals Knew

“I am not lazy.”
“I don’t necessarily want or need to lose as much weight as you think I do. My biomarkers are good.”
“I don’t have access to the same moisture-wicking clothes thin people do, and that can make working out more difficult for me, owing to chafing and lack of comfort.”
“Don’t presume I don’t know how to eat correctly.”
“My body is hard to carry around.”
“Please give me time to do what you ask.”
“It’s very hard to be in social situations when you’re used to being made fun of on a regular basis.”
“Please don’t talk negatively about your own body. It makes me feel worse.”
(from the article linked above)

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