Eleven Things You Should Tell Your Personal Trainer

  1. “I’m frustrated I’m not seeing results.” Sharing this with a trainer should spur on your trainer to find the problem, be it unreasonable goals or a lack of accountability on your part.
  2. “I can’t afford to do this for very long.” If you have a set amount of money budgeted be sure to tell your trainer so your workout can be adjusted accordingly.
  3. “I need you to push me more—or less.” Your trainer either needs to take it up a notch or explain to you why the program is progressing a certain way, which may be a safe and effective approach.
  4. “I’m afraid of bulking up or gaining weight.” Your trainer can adjust the workout accordingly.
  5. “I’m in pain but don’t want you to know.” If you push your body too hard and pull a muscle and continue working out, the muscle may break down.
  6. “My spouse isn’t supporting me in this endeavor.” Your trainer may be able to lend support. Spousal support is important for adherence.
  7. “I’m uncomfortable working out in the gym.” If you’re open to it, opt for in-home workouts instead of gym workout.
  8. “I hate this exercise!” If you don’t speak up you may end up hating the workout.
  9. “I’m doing a cleanse.” Cleanses can really dehydrate you and lead to low blood sugar and energy level.
  10. “I have diabetes.” Workouts may also require an adjustment, since a long, extended cardio workout could impact heart rate as well as blood sugar.
  11. “I had a few too many drinks last night.” Alcohol can seriously affect hydration status, making exercise much more difficult.

(From Prevention)

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