Endings & Beginnings

I’m fortunate enough to be able to choose whether to work outside the home.

personal trainer coralville primal health coach iowa cityFor a number of years, I homeschooled my two kids. Later, they were dual-enrolled, so we had some classes at home and I shuttled them to others at public school and the home school assistance programs in various cities. They both have had weekly piano lessons since they were 6, and they’ve had camps, gymnastics, and TKD at various times, too. Then, this year, my oldest went full-time in high school and #joinedalltheclubs and my youngest took advanced math that was available only at the high school. So, I was shuttling every day: delivering kids from one school to the other, picking up from clubs, taking to early clubs, and delivering to lessons. How anyone manages this with two parents working full-time — or just one custodial parent — is beyond me, although I have friends who do!

My point is, part-time work has aided my primary goal since I was 40, which is to focus my life on my kids, to spend as much time with them as I can, and to give them the best foundation for a fulfilling life. Working part-time as a personal trainer has allowed me to do that. During the years, I’ve also worked part-time for the Iowa City schools. I’m a paraeducator. I’ve been a temp, a student-specific aid, worked in a special ed classroom, and — what I love the most — I’ve supervised lunch-recess.

personal trainer coralville primal health coach iowa cityThings are changing for me this year. My shuttling days are not as full. I also have the opportunity to add hours working at school through the summer and fall, which includes teaching, as well as supervising. Working with groups of kids is my zen, truly, and more hours supervising and teaching is dream stuff. For that reason, I’ve put my personal training on hold. I won’t be taking clients starting in June. It’ll be strange. Some of the clients I’ve said goodbye to I’ve seen every week for years!

It’s a new chapter for my studio, but this site will remain, since my fitness journey and sharing it is still important to me. My own fitness journey has also taken a turn…back to CrossFit.

I joined CrossFit years ago but suffered an injury and diverted to strength training, which I’ve focused on for 5 years. Recently, I returned to CrossFit and a new box that I feel great about. So, you’ll likely see posts about that experience, as well as my usual advocacy and nutrition information.

Although I’m breaking from active training, I’m still a certified personal trainer and primal health coach with hundreds of hours of client experience, so I’ll maintain my associations because I believe in those modalities.

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