Fall Small Group Training – The METCON

Our strength training small groups have been pushing the 3-5 day splits for 6 months. We all love strength training, but sometimes we need to kick it up a notch. We need to specifically focus on improving our conditioning. What is “conditioning”? I like Joel Jamieson’s definition:

maximum amount of power output that can be maintained over a given time

Let’s do it!

Starting August 29th and continuing for 8 weeks, our Tuesday 5:30am and Saturday morning 10am groups will be METCONS (metabolic conditioning). That is, we’ll challenge your conditioning. These work outs will include three phases:

  1. Strength: one compound exercise where you’ll challenge yourself to lift heavy.
  2. Conditioning: a timed interval where you’ll push yourself to go fast.
  3. Core: a high-rep exercise where you’ll reach failure.

Our Small Group Page has the updated calendar.

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