FAQ – Personal Training, Coralville

Q.Isn’t Personal Training for athletes or young, active people?

A. Personal training is part of your Allied Healthcare Team. That means we help people in all phases of life achieve different fitness goals. In fact, it may be more important for older adults and those with health issues to hire a trainer to guide them through safe and effective exercises to maintain their quality of life, avoid medications, and reduce medical bills. Talk to your doctor about the advantages of working with a certified and competent trainer if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or arthritis.

Q.I already have a gym membership. What is the advantage of having a personal trainer?

A. Many people with an interest in improving their fitness need help clarifying their goals or establishing a routine. Others benefit from the guidance of a leader with the skills to assure safety and effectiveness. And some people need to be accountable to someone in order to meet their daily/weekly/monthly goals. Even those who regularly workout on their own at a gym or at home can benefit from the knowledge and variety of exercise a professional trainer can offer.

Q.What does it take to be a personal trainer and how do you determine your rates?

A. The contact hours you spend with your personal trainer are just the beginning. NMF trainers maintain certification and this requires current CPR certification and continuing education in the form of workshops and examinations for renewed certification every two years. Our trainers must also purchase liability insurance. They spend hours developing your protocols,  researching fitness and nutrition information, and managing records & communicating with clients. The NMF Studio is a leased facility, and we have taxes, equipment, maintenance, software, and website costs associated with our program.

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