Fit for Summer – Five Tips for Success


Find the fun! My son and I exercising in the Studio.

It barely feels like spring here in Iowa, let alone summer. But since it IS Iowa, you know it might be summer weather by the weekend. So be prepared.

There’s nothing worse than shifting clothes from winter to summer when you’re fat. I know. I was obese for years. The big soft sweats kept me pleasantly oblivious in a way that summer spandex couldn’t. I felt my belly more as I moved to jeans and shorts. Ugh.

But don’t despair. Making progress from fat to fit is as close as the next step. It’s as close as the next thing you eat or don’t eat. Finding an exercise or activity you enjoy is the second step.

  • Start today.
  • Fail tomorrow.
  • Start again the following day.

That’s the process. Embrace it. Step-by-step, you’ll see progress. Here are a few tips from my own experience:

  1. Eat whole foods, focusing on at least 25g of protein with EVERY meal. That’s stuff YOU cook that does not have an ingredient list on the package. I prefer all meat these days but used to be satisfied with plenty of veggies and nuts.
  2. Get foods with added sweeteners out of your house. Period. Let your family get their treats outside the house.
  3. Drink lots more non-sweet liquids than you used to. This helps with hunger — since it’s often dehydration that your body feels — and you’re not getting as much liquid as you used to if you fast longer between meals (which will happen once you eat more protein).
  4. Eat small chunks of sea salt. This helps with hunger — since it’s often a salt craving your body has — and gaining micronutrients.
  5. Start an exercise or activity that will make your heart rate increase. This helps with visceral fat and with motivation.

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