Get Active – Look at All Your Choices!

We’re here to change lives. We want to help you find the activity that will become part of your life not just a burden in your day. If you like a smaller studio and personal instruction, that’s what we’re best at! We also have small groups for adults and kids. But maybe you’re looking for something a little different or something in addition.

Whether you like to sweat or not, there is SOME activity that you will love and you should be doing. You know you need to move your body, so let us help you! We have experience with many forms of exercise, with all the Iowa City-Coralville area clubs, and with activities you may not even think of as exercise! If we don’t offer it, we know someone who does, and we’re glad refer you.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Classes – Maybe you like the convenience of daily classes with a larger group of people? Try hitting the heavy bag with Shannon at Title Boxing in Iowa City or experience a moderate circuit workout wth Shannon at Curves in Coralville.
  2. Swimming – Interested in something more mild and aerobic? Besides the city rec centers, where you may feel crowded, local hotels have hours when the public can use their pools for a minimal fee.
  3. HIIT – Interested in increasing your intensity level, challenging yourself but don’t have hours to spend in a gym? Try a session of Les Mills GRIT at Performance Health and Fitness in Coralville. Teresa likes attending this workout for her own fitness. GRIT is the trainers’ training!
  4. Dancing – Dancing is fun! As my friend Shira says, “It doesn’t feel so much like exercise when you’re wearing chiffon”. Belly Dancing by Shira has classes starting every few months.




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