Getting Strong All Over – An Unexpected Benefit of CrossFit

I’ve discovered I can do things I didn’t know I could do.

Today, I was messing around with the gymnastic rings in my studio and tried an L-sit pull up. I’ve tried such things in the past. L-Sits have always been impossible for me, like not even a 5-second hold impossible. And yet, I did several sets of L-Sit chin ups this morning. It wasn’t even that difficult. I think I can get sets of 5-7 with some concentration.

I’ve been with CrossFit for 7 months and I’m getting strong all over, even places and ways I’m not thinking about or focusing on. That is an awesome benefit of the work out: functional fitness means you’re just getting strong all over.

Just messing around and discovered I can now do L-sit chin ups. Boom!

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