Glassman Educates the Doctors After Suing…Everybody

There are so many things to love about CrossFit. The WODs, of course. The camaraderie. The memes. But today I love most of all the lawsuits.

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, is at war with…everybody.

crossfit-meme-glassman-no-repHe’s gone after Reebok for business impropriety. He went after the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for talking out their asses (and using false data) about how CrossFit is dangerous and sugar isn’t the enemy, while simultaneously taking government funding and millions of dollars from the soda industry. He went after Big Soda for their “Play 60” bullshit and other funding tactics that corrupt the research on sugar. He’s gone after the CDC and NIH twice now, forcing them to reveal their donors lists. We ALL know how bad the My Plate nutrition advice is KILLING us, and why? Is there science behind the recommendations? It’s politics. And money. Lots of it. The CDC and NIH need to tell us where it all comes from.

With less venom and more guru-ness, Glassman is courting the medical industry. He wants to educate the doctors because currently, only Big Pharma is doing that when it comes to nutrition and exercise:

“Across more than 20,000 hours of medical school, physicians receive about 25 hours of lecture on nutrition. As for exercise? LOL. What really digs at Glassman is that docs do, however, spend semesters on pharmacology. ‘The CDC estimates chronic diseases [and mental-health conditions] account for 86 percent of health-care spending and 70 percent of deaths,’ he says. ‘If people would just get off the couch and off the processed carbs, 40 percent of those deaths could be avoided.’

“CrossFit Health is about increasing the number of CrossFit boxes, creating access for all. It’s also about fighting the establishment: lawsuits against fitness organizations trying to bring down the brand as well as junkfood companies that fund nutrition science.

“‘What about concerns that they’ll get injured?’ asks an orthopedist. That i-word pulls the trigger. ‘Jesus, as a vast discipline, you orthopedists can’t get enough of football and running, but somehow CrossFit is the boogeyman,’ Glassman says. ‘Fuck injuries. You think we got to 15,000 boxes by hurting everyone?’ (From The Morning ChalkUp”)

I love this man.

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