GVT Summer – Week 1

Our first week of German Volume Training has been fantastic!

To get it ready for our intrepid lifters, we have a new rack in the studio and a few more pieces of equipment on the way from Rogue. I’m very excited about the trap bar! Can’t wait to put our lifters into that specialized deadlift bar and see what they can do.

GVT is challenging. When you’ve been used to strength training with a 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps of a substantial weight), it’s a kick in the pants to body-build using lighter weight and more reps in a 10×10 (10 sets of 10 reps of your 60% max).

Sure, it seems easy those first few sets. By set 6, muscles are screaming.

We have our 10×10 split like this:

  • chest/back – bench press/back row, finish hour with pull up progressions
  • legs/abs – trap bar deadlift or back squat/roll outs, finish hour with L-sit progressions
  • shoulder/arm – military press/bicep curls, finish hour with tricep burnouts

Running clients through the fitness and body assessments was finished last week. We maxxed them on exercises and determined from what we saw that only two would do the back squat. The back squat is a tough technical movement, likely the best for leg growth but requiring good flexibility. It won’t surprise you to learn the two I passed are our youngsters in their 20s. The rest of us old fogies are doing deadlifts.


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