How Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

Achieving your fitness goals may not be easy but it is simple. A lifestyle is likely how you got those extra pounds, soft muscles, or poor metabolism. And only a different lifestyle can change that!

Here are some ideas for a better year.

Eat Less Processed Food

Processed foods (take-out, frozen pizza, pastries, microwave meals) have many calories with little nutrition, so your body will want more food even as it stores fat. Only good nutrition, not short-term calorie restriction, will build a healthy body and satisfy hunger.

Eat More Protein and Fat

Proteins and fats are used to build, repair, and fuel. Carbohydrates are used for one thing—fuel—and you don’t even need them for that (you can burn fat for fuel, from on your body and in your food). Make your carbs count: eat more vegetables and less grains. Contrary to what we have long been told, a calorie is NOT just a calorie. The type of food, not just the amount, influences our energy systems and hormones.

Exercise More

Diet without exercise will reduce muscle as well as fat. Resistance training will build muscle, which lowers your risk of functional limitations and disease, increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure, and reduces your chance of developing osteoporosis. The mental health benefits include prevention of depression and anxiety, increased energy levels, and decreased fatigue.


    1. Stop the “diet”. Change your eating to something sustainable.
    2. Focus on behaviors, not outcomes. The outcome (fat loss) comes about as a result of fat loss behaviors, one after the other, for weeks, months, and years. The good news is that you are always one meal or one workout away from regaining your fitness mode!
    3. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Think good, better, best. Don’t give up if you don’t live the “perfect” lifestyle. For example, canned vegetables are good. Fresh vegetables are better. Organic are the best. And choosing a vegetable over french fries is genius!
    4. Take responsibility. Do you want a Magic Pill or Meal Plan or Super Shake to do the work for you? Only YOU are be responsible for the results you get. Or don’t get.

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