IdeaFit Breaks Down Paleo v Primal

“To help your clients lose weight and boost health, you should encourage them to eat like their caveman ancestors, say proponents of the increasingly popular ‘Paleo’ (Paleolithic) diet and ‘Primal’ lifestyle movements.

“Chowing down like a caveman is becoming increasingly popular, judging from the arrival of bestselling consumer books on the topic such as Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint (Primal Nutrition 2012).

“While a Paleo diet might conjure images of roasting dinosaur meat, it’s actually based on the idea of eating meats like our ancient ancestors did—from animals that were humanely raised, grass-fed and free from antibiotics. A typical Paleo meal might look like this:

A fist-size portion of animal protein such as bison, cow, lamb, chicken, fish or pork.
A healthy serving of vegetables, cooked or raw.
A small amount of fruit and maybe a handful of nuts.

“As the Paleo diet and Primal lifestyle trends go mainstream, your clients might start coming to you for information—if they haven’t already. While the terms and concepts of ‘Paleo’ and ‘Primal’ are similar, a few key distinctions separate them.” Read More…


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