Iowa Wellness Challenge – Top Five!

We started with two teams of 10 but adjusted to three teams of 7 each ( We have the Buffs (Teresa Captain), the Ruffs (Kimmie Captain), and the Tuffs (Robert Captain).

It was a rocky start due to some logging in issues, but the admins at Iowa Wellness got us fixed. Team Tuffs is raging ahead. Captain Robert is a competitor, in it to win it! Ruffs had the toughest start due to the most logging in issues. Buffs have many new-to-fitness members who are developing new habits in their work day.

This challenge is about moving, recording activity of all kinds, not just exercise. We have strength training and aerobics, of course, but also PokemonGo, playing with balloons, kneading bread, lots of walking and Fitbit steps, soccer, rowing, housework, and more.



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