Lessons Learned – Facebook and Twitter Accounts

I’m removing the New Moon Fitness Facebook page.

There are numerous reasons, but the final straw was the privacy fiasco and bad faith response with which Facebook has consistently operated. To maintain a business page, I must also have a personal page, and that requires upkeep time as well as dealing with connections and messages. And if you have never operated a business page on FB you may not realize just how little FB does to promote your work and how much they pressure you to buy ad space. My first year in business I spent over $2000 on FB advertising. Meanwhile, the posts I make on FB are not even shown in all my page’s followers’ news feeds. So what’s the value?


FB is great for local community groups (like mom’s groups) and some businesses get something from their time on FB. It is, at least for some, a presence. For me, a mere presence is meaningless. Here’s why:

Why Clients Come to Me

When a potential client takes that step of actual calling me, they have gone through a long personal process. They have already experienced failure or frustration. So that first step is a big step, and I tell every client how much I admire that courage (I was there once, too). That step isn’t going to happen simply because they saw a promoted post on FB. It’s going to happen because:

  1. they need a change
  2. they are willing to meet the person who has dedicated years to providing information online
  3. they then come to trust that person once they meet and work with her

But I understand websites are not a primary source for most people. These days, we get our information and news through social media. So I’m restarting the NMF Twitter account I once had.

New Twitter Account

However, here’s the lesson learned: I canceled @newmoonfitness years ago. It was picked up by someone who got banned from Twitter. So my original username is no longer available. I’ve had this happen with website URLs, too. If you have a following and cancel your address, some enterprising jerk will assume it and use it for posting advertising or porn or politics, looking to harvest your audience. So I’m sorry if that happened to you!

But NMF needs a social media presence to share information. With FB gone, that leaves Twitter for now. I like Twitter and use it a lot for my personal account, so I’m there a lot anyway. Twitter works better because it allows you to mute keywords, not just block accounts. If you want to be notified of new posts or motivation or work outs ideas, etc, please follow NMF on Twitter.

At twitter, we are: http://twitter.com/newmoonfitness1

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