Nobody Cares – One-Arm Supine Rows


Nobody cares…

Had a great work out with the Saturday squad doing a 5×5 with that new favorite exercise of mine,  a One-Arm Supine Row.

Essentially, it’s a rope climb. Putting it in the rotation weekly now. Oh yes, everyone dreads it. That means it’s gooood.

You’re horizontal, with bent knees, directly under the suspension (TRX). Pull your arm to lift your body and reach your other hand toward the ceiling. Modifications are the regular two-arm supine row and/or moving to more of a incline rather than flat/horizontal.


View the Strength Squad 5/5×5 J

You’ll feel it for a week the first time you do it. Its a back-builder and arm strengthener, one of the best compound strength exercises I’ve ever done.

So everyone had to do it, which meant no one felt sorry for me when I was dead on the floor, as the photo shows. Pick yourself up. Results not excuses!


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