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Recipe – Paleo Fiesta Enchiladas – Gluten and Dairy Free

It's been a long time since I posted a recipe. That's mostly because I eat simply. Meat, greens, nuts, and berries -- that's my diet. I indulge sometimes, but I always get back to...

Learning to Fail – Reps, Sets, Weight, Splits

It's easy to get a work out that says "3 sets of 10 reps" and go to it with the same pair of dumbbells you've been using for 3 months. Always -- ALWAYS --...

Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) , Hypermobility, and Exercise

We all remember a kid who wowed us with her "double-jointed" tricks. Maybe we were that kid. Maybe our bodies were unique in other ways, too, with stretchy skin or stretch marks where there was...

Heart Rate Training – Friendly Competition in the Aerobic Zone

Some friendly competition has started during our small group training thanks to the Polar Team app. We're all working to get our target heart rates in the aerobic zone, although you can see that...

Bioforce Conditioning Coach Certified

It was a fantastic course and a grueling test. I recently completed Joel Jamieson's Bioforce Conditioning Coach certification course. Joel Jamieson is an authority on strength, conditioning, and energy systems, and he's got the pedigree of...

Memorial Day Weekend Murph is in the Books

Family, food, and fun makes for a great Memorial Day weekend, but time to honor our fallen soldiers is what we did at New Moon Fitness on Saturday morning. Five of us -- from 27 years...

MURPH – Completing Every Last Rep

As I mentioned in a previous post, challenge, humility, and a boost to the next generation can be found when you join the Memorial Day Murph Challenge and donate to the scholarship fund. What a...

New After-work Session Times Available

Starting this summer, we have added a few new after-work hours. Summer is a great time to begin your journey to more strength and better conditioning. Visit our scheduler page to reserve your consultation or training time. Scheduler Page

Memorial Day Weekend Murph Challenge at New Moon Fitness

Five intrepid souls have registered to complete the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day Weekend here at New Moon Fitness. The point of this challenge? A scholarship fund (NMF has contributed $200 to the scholarship fund...

Now Strength Training with Heart Rate Monitors

In the past I have not been a fan of heart rate monitors. There are several reasons for this: They're expensive Heart rate (HR) and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) can be measured intuitively and...