Supporting High School Journalism

West Side Story is the student news source of Iowa City West High School. Besides being an informative publication filled with personal stories about students and staff, issues this year have contained articles about subjects of interest to teens, such social media, AP courses, recipes, fashion, school clubs, local activities, as well as controversies such as vaping and the use of seclusion rooms. The content of the magazine is created by students. I have one child this year at West, and I’ll have two next year. My oldest plans to contribute to this publication in the coming years and already...


World Carnivore Month – The Carnivore Diet

January 2018 is my Month of Meat. Also referred to as “zero-carb” or “carnivore”, going with an all-animal diet has a lot to offer. If you’re like most Americans, you have been brainwashed by “My Plate” — the political endeavors of the USDA and corporate lobbyists who have made you believe animal products are unhealthy. Why would they do that? Because the profit margins on grains and sugar are enormous compared to meat. I’m no conspiracy theorist; I like facts. Facts are that the sugar lobby paid off Harvard researchers to implicate fat not sugar in the 50s and 60s...


2018 Resolution – You Have NO EXCUSES This Year

As I posted awhile back, I’ve been doing the Crossfit AMRAP (as many reps as possible) work out Cindy a few times week. This work out is perfect for me. It’s 20 minutes of nonstop exercise using bodyweight. You do a circuit of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats and repeat for 20 minutes. That’s it! You can modify the exercise as needed — I mean, few of us can do strict pull ups, right? Do jumping pull ups or suspension pull ups (my favorite is using the TRX). Try to throw in full pull ups and...


The Four Fs of Thanksgiving — Earn Your Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’re looking forward to family, friends, and food, but there are FOUR F’s to think about this holiday. I hope you have all four: FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD…and FITNESS! We had a group work out at 5:30am this Thanksgiving morning. That’s right! We earned our pie for the day. How about you? Try our “Earn Your Pie” work out below. You’ll be glad you did. NMF Strength – EARN YOUR PIE