Paying it Forward

I love helping you reach your goals. I hope you want to pay it forward. Once you believe you have the solution to the problems of Obesity and our National Health issues due to that Obesity, it is hard not to speak up with pride that you have an answer and it works!  Once you believe in yourself that you have more to give to this world, and you deserve more in your life than you currently have, you will have the drive and dedication to step up and become who you have to become in order to truly get the word out and help and motivate others to change.  Getting the word out, ending the trend, stopping obesity and the issues it causes like diabetes, cancer, numerous other diseases. Realizing you CAN help others one step at a time.

I go to movies, concerts, get on an airplane….the obesity crisis is overwhelming. Seeing that some people have to buy 2 seats on a plane, those who cannot fit into the seats at a concert or a movie. The problem has led to larger movie theatre seats, larger clothing sizes, and all the while – meal portions at restaurants are bigger, fast food is all over and portions are ridiculous.

Get the word out! YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL and you CAN motivate others to be successful too. That’s paying it forward and in doing so, you will be healthy and fit for life. You will never want to go back!

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