PRICES & DISCRIPTIONS – Personal Training, Coralville




To help you find your personal fitness solution, we offer:

  1. Packages – Personal Training sessions – Pay ahead, sessions/week vary and rollover
  2. Club – Weekly Personal Training – Pay monthly, one session/week, no rollover

At New Moon Fitness you’re paying for personal training sessions, but you get so much more! We’re here to help you change and enhance your lifestyle by giving you safe, effective, and convenient workouts at a great price. When you become a personal training client, you receive:

  1. 1-on-1: Personal training sessions with your trainer, choosing 30 or 45 minute strength and/or conditioning in consultation with your trainer
  2. DIY: Independent use of the Studio, equipment, and our library of exercise DVDs at times that work for you
  3. ASSESSMENTS: If you wish, your body measurements and fitness level determined by a short battery of tests (i.e. Step test, Cooper test, Squat test, body measurements)


Packages are sessions or activities you use as often as you wish. There are no weekly or monthly deadlines for their use and no limit on how many you can use in a week or month. You can purchase sessions in pre-defined amounts and add-on additional sessions. Price varies depending on how many you purchase at once. With packages you pay ahead and never lose a session.


You train 1-on-1 with a personal trainer.

  • $150 for 3 sessions ($50/session *This is the minimum package)
  • $235 for 5 sessions ($47/session)
  • $450 for 10 sessions ($45/session)
  • $800 for 20 sessions ($40/session)
  • $60/session add on to any package



personal training coralville iowa

We love iron!

When you purchase the Club, you pay a monthly fee that includes one session/week that you need to use that week. Club sessions do not roll over and are priced differently from Session Packages. Club has an on-going monthly enrollment. You provide payment through monthly bank draft or through Paypal. With Club you pay as you go.

      • PRICE: $160/month

To have your Bank Account drafted monthly for the Club, please contact Teresa. To have your Paypal drafted monthly, please “subscribe” to the Club via Paypal below:



**We do not offer small group sessions at this time.**

personal training coralville iowa Saturday-Strength-Squad-400

Saturday Morning Strength & Power Crew

Free to personal training clients. Times and days may change.


Strength training, moderate/high intensity 

Description: Body-building style work out with pyramids, 5X5, GVT, or circuits with focus on lifting heavy weight. Full body or split routines. Conditioning and aerobic intervals may be included.

Meeting Time: 45-60 minutes.

Participants: For ages 16+.  Limit of 6 participants/session.

personal training coralville iowa plank challenge

Plank challenge time!

Equipment includes a variety of dumbbells, barbells, Olympic weights, resistance bands, TRX, punching bag, body weight, etc.

Clients perform their work out at their own pace with the guidance of the trainer. Work outs may be individualized for each client.


Training must be used within one year of purchase. Refunds considered on a case-by-case basis but cannot be guaranteed. In rare cases, we can work with individuals who cannot attend after they’ve paid, either through a credit or if necessary, a refund minus any bank fees or PayPal transaction fees. Please keep in mind that our training times have limited availability and your purchase holds that spot, making it unavailable for those who are also interested.  If you have any questions or comments about the refund policy, please contact Teresa.


Minimum Personal Training packages are set in order to have time to see results and take assessments.

We accept cash, check, major credit cards, and send PayPal Invoices for Flex Spending withdrawal (please speak with your HR about their requirements). We also accept recurring ACH payments.