Question – What is the best strength training that complements a diet and jogging for losing weight?

Answer – Your question sounds like your goal is weight loss, not simply gaining strength or muscle size.

Assuming you have a good diet (low carb so that you don’t limit protein by limiting overall calories and so that you do limit the amount of insulin in your blood which is a building hormone and prevents burning fat) and assuming your jogging is not overdone (chronic aerobic exercise will actually cause muscle loss, “chronic” meaning low to moderate intensity that lasts too or long too frequently so that your body remains inflamed with cortisol), then strength training can help with weight loss through:

  • reducing visceral fat
  • building more muscle to increase your lean body mass and metabolism
  • making your muscles more insulin sensitive thus requiring your body to release less insulin
  • raising the levels of human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor, and testosterone

You will want to work every muscle group 1–2 times each week, no more. Compound and plyometric exercises like squats, deadlifts, thrusters, renegade rows, box jumps, pull ups, push ups are best for achieving the hormone boosts mentioned above.

You can add on isolation exercises like curls, crunches, and calf raises if you have extra time.

There are so many ways to put these work outs together. 5 sets of 5 reps, 3 sets of 10 reps, repeating circuits, AMRAPS, etc. Find one online and try it (we have some posted here). No work out should last more than an hour. 30–45 mins 2/week is all you need. You should sweat, feel muscles burn during, get out of breath a few times. If not, increase the weight, but always use proper technique.

Additionally, you’ll need to find how you like to strength train. In other words, you need to be consistent, so what will keep you consistent? Will exercising alone or in a group keep you going? Will paying for a trainer keep you more accountable than working out at home? Or would you keep it up by working out for free in a park or rec center?

Weight loss is all about consistency. If it took you years to put weight on, then it will take you that long to remove it. Plus, you need to develop new lifestyle habits to keep it off.


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