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shannon 2017 personal training coralville iowa health coachOn a Mission to Empower & Age-Proof Your Life and Get Strong Physically & Financially. I have a special interest in working with seniors and women’s fitness.

Shannon Price Beachbody CoachShannon Price Beachbody Coach





  • holds a degree in Physiology/Psychology
  • 4th Dan (Blackbelt) Tae Kwon Do
  • certified for Personal and Group Training with AAFA and ACE
  • certified as Les Mills BodyCombat®, BodyPump®, BodyVive®, CXWorx®, SilverSneakers MSROM®, and Functional Movement
  • former Owner of Control Martial Arts and Fitness Academy
  • Team Beachbody® Coach

Phone & Text: 319-621-7421

Personal Training
Small Group Training
Lifestyle Coaching (Beachbody)

New Moon Fitness
Team Beachbody Coach


Shannon with her Super Saturday team

ShannonCombat1I have spent a lifelong journey in fitness. Besides being a long-time LesMills instructor in 4 programs (BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, CXWORX, AND BODYVIVE), I am also a GFM and personal trainer at my gym and teach/train members at Title Boxing Club. I hold a 4th degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and rankings in 3 other Martial Arts, and grew up with boxing. I hold two national trainer certifications- AFAA and ACE.

personal-training-coralville-iowa-super-saturdayI have been a lifelong musician. Playing keyboards and guitar and singing my entire life. I spent over 16 years traveling on the road full-time playing 5-6 nights a week, living in hotels. During those years I carried dumbbells and a fold-down ski machine, roller skates and anything else I could fit into the hotel room. It was normal for me to always lift, and move! In high school/college I was a swimmer, weight lifter and boxed, etc. We even had a female football team my junior and senior year, which was too much fun.

My goals have always been to include others in the passion for health. Changing lives is an essential part of my life each day. Teaching about what makes you healthy and young for life, showing each person that there is NO easy fix. To change your life you need to make it a lifestyle forever – which is so much easier than always looking for a quick way that doesn’t have lasting results.ShannonHRB1

Creating a healthy and active environment is something I strive to do. Showing clients and club members, friends and family, that you can eat the things you like, you can have a glass of whatever you want to drink. Just pay attention to the rest of your life and you’ll get big results. There is a balance – and it will spill over into everything you do everyday!



Shannon is the lead singer and plays keyboards for Holiday Road Band, which has been performing since 1984.


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