Spring Events – Memorial Murph Challenge and Studio Remodel

The studio will be closed from Thursday, May 4th through Sunday, May 7th for some remodeling. We’ll resume training on Monday, May 8th.

Join us for Murph

Our Murph practice returns on Saturdays. We’ll have two practices on May 13th and May 20th. On Memorial Day Weekend, we’ll challenge ourselves for personal bests. Group time will be Saturday at 9am 5/27, but you can schedule any hour during the weekend that works best for you.

And New Moon Fitness will pay your challenge fee if you join us that weekend! This will entitle you to a free tshirt/tank and the money collected by the challenge goes to fund a scholarship. Let us know before May 13th. Memorial Murph info HERE.

Summer Training Preview

Our summer schedule starts in June with a new 3-day split German Volume Training (GVT) and a full body Landmine work out.

The GVT splits chest/back, legs, and shoulders/arms. Core is thrown in each session with l-sits and handstand progression work.

The Landmine work out uses Rogue Olympic bar “landmine” anchors to give you more rotation work with your strength sets. You’ll love what it does for your core!

For more info, text Teresa 319-325-4000 or schedule a free training consultation through our online scheduler page.

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