Starting Our Fifth Year in Coralville

I re-certified for my third iteration with the American Council on Exercise. That’s six years that I’ll be certified with ACE. I started my training career years before by certifying through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America. AFAA had a hands-on training workshop I took in southern Iowa. After that I pursued licensing with several Les Mills programs that took me to Florida and Chicago.

Certification CECs this year focused on behavioral coaching and metabolic training. There’s so much good stuff to learn!

Here at NMF we have supplied many kinds of programs for different ages, abilities, and locales. Some worked well for our clients and for us. As with most experiences, I have honed in on what I enjoy doing most and do more of that.

Many of you may know I was a web programmer/database developer/graphic designer in my previous life.  After my own journey from obesity, I decided I could not sit at a desk for 8-10 hours every day. My story is on the Teresa page if you’re curious to learn more.

It’s been a challenging and fun journey — and one not over by a long shot. See, that’s the thing that amazes me. As a programmer, I was  a job hopper. The longest I stayed anywhere was two years, and most positions were a year or less. I usually felt I mastered what I wanted to learn and moved on to a new challenge. It was always about the new thing. There was only so much I could do at one job before I started doing the same thing over-and-over.

But this training gig is different. It keeps me constantly challenged with new learning and new people. It’s creative, as well, as I design new work outs based on my research and clients’ needs. New equipment makes its way into the studio, too, after considerable research. And then the challenge is organization! We’re a tiny studio with LOTS of fantastic equipment.

So, I will be here with you for awhile more. Sharing this journey with you is a great privilege.


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