Steady State or HIIT — Or Both!

ACE Fitness has a nice post about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between steady state (SS) workouts and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

SS are moderate intensity one-hour workouts. They’re most of the classes at box gyms. They’re also the strength, body-building type workouts we do with our small groups. Teresa does three classes a week and Shannon’s vary. You sweat, you strain, but you’re not wrecked.

HIIT are high intensity half-hour workouts. Some box gyms offer them as Les Mills GRIT or Tabata, for example. They’re a feature of an hour at a Crossfit box (the WOD). Teresa runs HIIT every Sunday and Shannon does them occasionally during the week. 

Both SS and HIIT increase strength, improve aerobic capacity, and reduce fat. SS targets more type 1 muscle, endurance type training. HIIT targets more type 2 muscle, power type training. 

Doing both regularly will give you the best fitness of your life. But the best workout is the one you like, because it’s the one you’ll stick with. If you prefer one and/or dislike the other, focus on the one you like. It’s all part of our philosophy of GOOD – BETTER – BEST.

See more about these different workouts at ACE Fitness

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