Supporting High School Journalism

West Side Story is the student news source of Iowa City West High School.


Besides being an informative publication filled with personal stories about students and staff, issues this year have contained articles about subjects of interest to teens, such social media, AP courses, recipes, fashion, school clubs, local activities, as well as controversies such as vaping and the use of seclusion rooms. The content of the magazine is created by students.

I have one child this year at West, and I’ll have two next year. My oldest plans to contribute to this publication in the coming years and already has article ideas he wants to pursue. (I hope one of those is how important starting a fitness routine is before heading off to college!)

I’m pleased to be able to support the magazine and the kids involved by buying ad space.

I tried to get my kids to let me put their photos in the ads, but they are all “no way is anyone at school going to see me sweat.” So…I have some generous clients showing off their sweat instead.

I’ll keep working on my kids to let me get some pics of them lifting heavy!

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