Tabata November – Update 1

Do you like things simple?

Have you tried our Tabata workouts yet? Here’s the deal: workout at home, for free, for ten minutes. Boom!

How to do Tabata

NMF-TABATA-ADDITION-PERSONAL TRAINING CORALVILLEDo each exercise as fast as you can while maintaining good technique for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do all four exercises followed by another set of all four. Time this exactly and push yourself hard. Be sure to do a warm up for 2-3 minutes (A good warm up would be to do each of the workout exercises at a slower pace to warm the muscles and increase heart rate). ¬†During the workout phase, you should be hitting the wall–pushing to your max! If it’s too intense for you, modify the routine by lengthening the rest interval and decreasing the speed that you perform the exercise. If you make this modification, you’re not doing Tabata, but you’re still doing intervals and getting great benefits! So don’t give up ūüôā

Our month so far

Each line is a day’s Tabata. Choose one!

    1. Squat Jump, Mountain Climber, High Knees, Squat Thrust.
    2. Pushup, Jumping Jack, Walking Plank to Hover L&R, Lateral Jump L&R.
    3. Hover Jack, Lateral Step Hop, Squat Thrust, Forward-Backward Jump.
    4. Burpees.
    5. Hover Jack, Squat Jump, Squat Thrust, Forward-Backward Jump.


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