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Question – Why is Jumping Rope the Best Cardio?

Answer – I doubt most people would consider it the best, but I do — providing you have no joint injuries and no significant weight that could impact your joints. Also, it’s mostly high-intensity exercise, so contraindicated for some conditions. Jumping rope has all the advantages and only one disadvantage. The disadvantage is the risk of overuse/joint damage from the impact. The advantages are: You’re moving your whole body using only your body, so it’s functional movement (movements you would perform in your daily routine) You can modify or progress the intensity simply through adjustments to speed or using one...


Wellness Challenge Teams – Buffs & Tuffs

Two teams are set for the Live Healthy Iowa Wellness Challenge. The goal is to move more. Our teams will be tracking their activity daily starting 1/23. Friendly competition, chances to win gift cards, a free magazine subscription, and a celebration at completion may help with that! The Buffs – Mostly newer clients; are they dedicated to moving more? Captain Teresa, Irene, Cathy, Jen B.,Lauren, Brian, Kristi, Dave, Alex, Augustin The Tuffs – This team is mostly long-time clients; can they keep up their active pace? Cap’n Robert, Patty, Meirav, Jen F., Weijing, Kimay, Brenda, Melanie, Kimmie, Havana.