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Question – What is the best work out for strength training and cardio?

Answer – The best is what you’ll actually do. Some activity is better than none. Beyond that, research is clear that high-intensity strength training is best for hunger suppression, fat loss, hormone balance, and longevity. But aerobic activity has its advantages, too, especially when it helps push your work out into the high-intensity zone of 80–90% heart rate. Integrated Concurrent Exercise Most people do single-mode or serial concurrent exercise: just aerobic or just strength or one before the other. Even interval training and HIIT are generally single-mode work outs. But integrated concurrent exercise shows the best results for improved fitness...


Question – Why is Jumping Rope the Best Cardio?

Answer – I doubt most people would consider it the best, but I do — providing you have no joint injuries and no significant weight that could impact your joints. Also, it’s mostly high-intensity exercise, so contraindicated for some conditions. Jumping rope has all the advantages and only one disadvantage. The disadvantage is the risk of overuse/joint damage from the impact. The advantages are: You’re moving your whole body using only your body, so it’s functional movement (movements you would perform in your daily routine) You can modify or progress the intensity simply through adjustments to speed or using one...