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What You Don’t Know About Low Carb – It’s the Calories OUT

I received an email from yet another trainer telling me the “truth” about weight loss and his special program. He tells me the only way to lose weight is through calorie deficit, either directly (limiting calories) or indirectly (limiting macronutrients which in effect limits calories). He tells me I can cut out fats or proteins or carbs and get the same results. My trainer tells me when the low-carb diet works, the “reduction in carb intake — in and of itself — had nothing to do with it” because “fat loss ALWAYS comes down to calories in vs calories out.”...


Question – What is the best approach for me to reduce belly fat for good, considering I have knee pain?

Answer – Three things to clarify first: Losing belly fat is about changing your diet and reducing stress. Knee mobility varies a lot, so the solution for activity varies widely. To be successful in the long run you’ll need to educate yourself. Exercise Physical activity and exercise will do little to remove belly fat (subcutaneous fat, the stuff you can pinch). They are important for health in other ways, and they can help with fat loss by reducing visceral fat, making your muscles more insulin sensitive, improving your mood, and reducing hunger (if done for shorter periods at higher intensity)....


Question – I’m an Obese Man, How Can I Lose Weight Without Running?

Answer – The best exercise to help weight loss is strength training. I have answers elsewhere about the best kind of training in that regard. However, exercise only aids weight loss, and does it in four ways: It reduces visceral fat. It makes you more insulin sensitive. It helps retain muscle while allowing fat to be used more for fuel instead of the muscle. It helps motivate you when you feel stronger and see your body change shape. Visceral fat is the fat around your organs under your muscles. It is more insulin sensitive and responds well to exercise. That...