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The Four Fs of Thanksgiving — Earn Your Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’re looking forward to family, friends, and food, but there are FOUR F’s to think about this holiday. I hope you have all four: FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD…and FITNESS! We had a group work out at 5:30am this Thanksgiving morning. That’s right! We earned our pie for the day. How about you? Try our “Earn Your Pie” work out below. You’ll be glad you did. NMF Strength – EARN YOUR PIE


Split Your Minute for the Perfect HIIT

Simple is what I like. Too often, I run across work outs shared by trainers that have funky moves that require me to learn them before I can get a good work out from them. On the other hand, a simpler work out won’t often let me progress (or modify if I’m not sharp that day). I like to be in charge of my work out on my day, and I hate wasting my time. I want it good every time! HIIT Variety One technique I use a lot with my HIIT groups is a 5-exercise work out varied by time....

Work Out – Metabolic Nightmare

Work Out – Metabolic Nightmare

I like to get feedback immediately after a work out. I’m used to getting 4-5 stars from clients (on a scale of 1-5). I record the feedback and decide how to use or modify the routine in the future. Last night, we had our Tuesday HIIT group, five clients who varied in their fitness levels. I tried the routine posted here. It tanked at 3.5 stars. Why? It was too hard. Booyah! That’s a keeper. That’s why I call it the Metabolic Nightmare. Modify: Okay, so it may be a little taxing on your lower back. In that case, do the...