Intermittent fasting has become a thing. Have you tried it or plan to? Or maybe you’ll be fasting for a few days this Lenten season? For whatever reason you fast, the process will teach you about yourself and provide benefits both physiologically and psychologically. Whether you’re fasting/feasting a regular number of hours/daily (16/8 seems to be common) or doing an occasional long fast (36 hours is pretty convenient to try, eating dinner then fasting theContinue Reading


Rise and shine. See the liquid in that bowl? That’s the fat from my 75/25 beef. A decade ago I would have drained that before eating. How ridiculous it seems now! Had a discussion this morning with a man who does endurance sports and was wondering about the keto diet. If you enjoy endurance sports, you can’t do better than keto. Become a fat burner and you’ll see PRs you never expected, not to mentionContinue Reading

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In the past decade, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for customized PDF downloads, online coaches, full-scale computer programs, and simple smartphone apps. Today, there are many more programs to help you with diet goals. When looking for help you have to decide what kind of support you’re really looking for. Do you simply want to track what you eat? Do you want a program that only tracks what you eat by calories, macros, and/or nutrients?Continue Reading

personal trainer coralville health coach iowa city crossfit

This is likely not your first time hearing that cholesterol is NOT a bad thing, that high cholesterol is NOT responsible for heart disease, and that LDL is NOT a “bad” fat. A new study, the Shanghai Aging Study, has confirmed the findings of the Framingham Heart Study in showing that higher LDL (what your doctor likely still calls “bad” cholesterol) is protective against dementia. That is, in older adults those with higher LDL hadContinue Reading