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How to Lose Weight and Maintain – A Success Story

In the same way that the best exercise is the kind you do, the best diet is one you stick with. That said, there are only 3 ways to lose weight: You can limit the amount you eat. Pro: the world and its products are set up to help you track calories. Con: a calorie is not just a calorie so this choice sounds logical but doesn’t account for hormonal effects of different macronutrients You can limit what you eat. Pro: removing processed foods has all the good research behind it Con: politics drowns out the science by virtue signalling for...


Why Keto? Why Progress from Paleo to Low Carb

I just received Mark Sisson’s new book. As happens to many on Paleo or Primal diets, he progressed to a Ketogenic diet. (I have, too.) When Mark does something, he brings plenty of research along with it to share. This book has so much information and straight-forward steps to guide you, not to mention recipes. The summary below is the WHY of keto. From Mark Sisson’s new book The Keto Reset Diet: Ketogenic eating allows you to benefit from the extraordinary (and long scientifically validated) metabolic efficiency , general health, and longevity benefits of fasting, but without having to actually...