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You Need Only Three Things For Fitness

I was reviewing the past year and the progress of my clients, both long term and short term. I can see three things affecting their success. Those who work on all three are doing the best. Those with two of the three are split: some progressing, some at a stand still. Those hitting just one area are struggling. Here are the areas to consider as you enter this new year, resolve to improve your fitness, and prepare for summer beach wear. If you’re fat and want to lose it, you have to change your lifestyle. If you’re weak and want to be...

Get FIT FAST – The Science Behind Les Mills GRIT™

Get FIT FAST – The Science Behind Les Mills GRIT™

It’s a strong claim: get much fitter, faster – while spending no extra time on your workouts. It’s a claim we can prove! In conjunction with researchers at PennState University, we tested two groups of 42 fit adult exercisers. Both groups did five hours per week of excellent, professionally designed exercise. Read More  

Sets, Reps, Weight: How Many?

If you’re confused about sets, repetitions (reps), and the amount of weight to lift during resistance training, you’re not alone. Not only is this confusing for many who are new to training, those who are familiar with training have different opinions. We usually talk about about “training volume” (number of Sets x the number of Repetitions x Weight moved = Sets x Reps x Weight). Some believe there is a volume to focus on regardless of which number you adjust. However, as you increase the frequency of lifts, you’ll naturally lower the amount of the lift. So lifting 3 x...