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How Regular Exercise Diminishes Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain (such as that associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, shoulder pain, back pain, etc), you’ve probably had doctors tell you that exercise will help reduce it. So you go walking or engage in something more intense, like strength training…and find it so painful that you never want to go back! How is THIS reducing pain? Pain management is more successful with long-term planning because chronic pain is not simply an on/off switch. It’s about balancing how nerve cells respond, and that balance takes time to achieve. If you have chronic pain, you have altered nervous system processing. Your nerve cells...


Cheer Up!

As winter sets in, you may feel the blues arrive. Here are some ways to boost your mood by boosting your serotonin levels! 10. Avoid the fast track to happiness: don’t eat sugar or empty carbs for the quick high. 9. Don’t avoid carbs entirely; they help you manage tryptophan. 8. Eat protein for the tryptophan. 7. Eat fat to help your hormones. 6. Take a fish oil supplement to help your hormones and brain. 5. Exercise to feel good. 4. Avoid the stimulant cycle of sugar, caffeine, alcohol. 3. Sleep right. 2. Investigate supplements wisely. 1. Boost other hormones...