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Learning to Fail – Reps, Sets, Weight, Splits

It’s easy to get a work out that says “3 sets of 10 reps” and go to it with the same pair of dumbbells you’ve been using for 3 months. Always — ALWAYS — you need to be thinking about progressing your weight and eventually your sets. The variable in...


New After-work Session Times Available

Starting this summer, we have added a few new after-work hours. Summer is a great time to begin your journey to more strength and better conditioning. Visit our scheduler page to reserve your consultation or training time. Scheduler Page


Muscles and Aging – University of Iowa Mini Medical School

The Carver College of Medicine offers “Mini Medical School”, a series that presents aspects of medicine to the community. The fee is nominal and comes with dinner. Believe me, I figured my kids would be most interested in the all-you-can-eat taco bar. But they really enjoyed the first night of “Breakthroughs...


GVT Summer – Week 1

Our first week of German Volume Training has been fantastic! To get it ready for our intrepid lifters, we have a new rack in the studio and a few more pieces of equipment on the way from Rogue. I’m very excited about the trap bar! Can’t wait to put our lifters...

Muscle Pain, Exercise, and Mindfulness

Muscle Pain, Exercise, and Mindfulness

At some time, you’ve probably had lower back, upper back, elbow, or neck soreness that lasts long beyond one or two workouts. I see this frequently in the Studio and have had clients ask me what they are doing that may be causing it. First of all, you most likely ARE...

Get FIT FAST – The Science Behind Les Mills GRIT™

Get FIT FAST – The Science Behind Les Mills GRIT™

It’s a strong claim: get much fitter, faster – while spending no extra time on your workouts. It’s a claim we can prove! In conjunction with researchers at PennState University, we tested two groups of 42 fit adult exercisers. Both groups did five hours per week of excellent, professionally designed...