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Learning to Fail – Reps, Sets, Weight, Splits

It’s easy to get a work out that says “3 sets of 10 reps” and go to it with the same pair of dumbbells you’ve been using for 3 months. Always — ALWAYS — you need to be thinking about progressing your weight and eventually your sets. The variable in any strength work out is the weight. The reps and sets are chosen for whatever your primary goal is: gaining mostly strength, gaining mostly size, gaining mostly endurance. It’s a sliding scale, however, with plenty of overlap. Doing 4-6 reps for 3-5 sets is a strength-focused exercise. Doing 8-12 reps...


New After-work Session Times Available

Starting this summer, we have added a few new after-work hours. Summer is a great time to begin your journey to more strength and better conditioning. Visit our scheduler page to reserve your consultation or training time. Scheduler Page


Muscles and Aging – University of Iowa Mini Medical School

The Carver College of Medicine offers “Mini Medical School”, a series that presents aspects of medicine to the community. The fee is nominal and comes with dinner. Believe me, I figured my kids would be most interested in the all-you-can-eat taco bar. But they really enjoyed the first night of “Breakthroughs in Medicine at Iowa: The Science of Sports”. As did I. A group presented Santos, a virtual person used to stress test new developments for the military and athletics. Included in this project are a number of departments working together, including biomechanical engineering, physical therapy, human physiology, and athletic training. I...


Question – Will Weight Training Increase My Longevity if I’m a Man, 27, and Already Do Cardio?

Answer – Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which both increases your metabolism and decreases fat. It also keeps you functional to resist accidents and recover more quickly from injuries. Research shows that high volume (higher weight and sets/reps) resistance programs gain the greatest hormonal responses. Resistance exercise has been shown to dramatically affect hormonal responses in the body after training. These responses play a huge role not only in immediate tissue remodeling and growth, but as well as to long term strength. Insulin sensitivity rises. Human growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor rise. These are the things that...