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Fit for Summer – Five Tips for Success

It barely feels like spring here in Iowa, let alone summer. But since it IS Iowa, you know it might be summer weather by the weekend. So be prepared. There’s nothing worse than shifting clothes from winter to summer when you’re fat. I know. I was obese for years. The...


Why Keto? Why Progress from Paleo to Low Carb

I just received Mark Sisson’s new book. As happens to many on Paleo or Primal diets, he progressed to a Ketogenic diet. (I have, too.) When Mark does something, he brings plenty of research along with it to share. This book has so much information and straight-forward steps to guide...


What You Don’t Know About Low Carb – It’s the Calories OUT

I received an email from yet another trainer telling me the “truth” about weight loss and his special program. He tells me the only way to lose weight is through calorie deficit, either directly (limiting calories) or indirectly (limiting macronutrients which in effect limits calories). He tells me I can...


New After-work Session Times Available

Starting this summer, we have added a few new after-work hours. Summer is a great time to begin your journey to more strength and better conditioning. Visit our scheduler page to reserve your consultation or training time. Scheduler Page


How Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

Achieving your fitness goals may not be easy but it is simple. A lifestyle is likely how you got those extra pounds, soft muscles, or poor metabolism. And only a different lifestyle can change that! Here are some ideas for a better year. Eat Less Processed Food Processed foods (take-out,...